Lately I have been obsessing over all of Kate Spade’s glittery sequined clutch’s. Every piece in the new holiday collection screams femininity with jeweled tones, sequins, and intricately designed stitching. Since there isn’t too much room in clutches, there’s only a few things I choose to put in mine. A Tory Burch coin purse is a must since its just big enough to hold your ID and credit cards for a night out. Benefit’s Hello Flawless powder helps minimize shininess and the appearance of pores, while YSL’s Rouge Velopte’s lipstick in plum is great to moisturize and fill the lips with high amounts of pigment for that plump effect. The last necessity in a clutch is parfume. The nectarine blossom and honey from Jo Malone is a perfect year round scent and is great for a quick pick me up while touching up in the bathroom after dinner and before drinks.

Kate Spade , YSL #18 Prune, Benefit Hello Flawless Tory Burch Coin Purse, Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey



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