When it comes to finding a good bargain, I think the trick is to be patient. I used to jump at the first sign of a sale, but after a while I found myself buying unecessary items that I wasn’t completely in love with. I took a look at my wardrobe and realized that the pieces I actually paid full price for and contemplated my decision before purchasing, were the pieces that I repeatedly wear and treasure. Having that same mentality when it comes to bargain shopping can not only help you find a good sale, but prevent you from spending a lot of money on something you wouldn’t normally purchase full price. With the holiday season quickly approaching, I always like to start my shopping early, so I’m not rushing last minute and buying full priced items. With that being said, here are some of my favorite online sites that always have great bargains and also have the most on trend and up to date fashion, beauty, and lifestyle pieces for every type of person in your life. Let me know some of your favorite online places to shop in the comments!

1. The BEST site for beauty and fashion pieces by far.

2. I love this site solely for their designer items(i.e: the Prada event going on right now!) because they are always on sale and range from Valentino to Marc Jacobs.

3. Constantly changing their inventory with a great selection of personalized items from jewelry to bits and pieces around the home. Every customer gets 50% off their first order! Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that! Perfect for summery dresses and night time attire.

5. Higher end pieces that are sometimes running low on stock, but that just means the lower the price tag!

6. Always has a sale going on and with their pieces being such high quality, it’s hard to pass up.

7. Can I redecorate my whole house with their ‘home’ section already?


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