Getting closer to the holiday season, almost every fashionista desires certain scents that are a bit more heavy. Whether it’s the cold weather or the warm bundles of layers, scents seem to become lost since there is less skin to bare and cling to. Thats why the holiday season is a great time to break out the deeper and richer scents that might not be used year round. Here are some amazing options I’m loving this Christmas season that you might be interested in purchasing yourself or buying as a present for a loved one!

Jo Malone Wild Blue Bell- Nothings more glamorous in the fragrance world than the famous Jo Malone. Originating in London, England, this brand has ranges in luxurious skin care, candles, and of course perfume. Customizable in their stores, they never disappoint because you are able to choose from such a wide selection of scents. Probably my all time favorite scent, Wild Bluebell is perfect for year round and in my opinion, any occasion. With an immersing fragrance of lilies and bluebells and a hint of lemon, this scent is my current obsession.


Jimmy Choo Flash- The second ever fragrance from Jimmy Choo, Flash has base notes of woodiness all topped with an almost linen and floral scent, making it a very aromatic and invoking smell (not to mention the packaging is to die for!)


Burberry Brit- This smooth scent contains pear, lime, and vanilla, while adding an extra hint of amber and tonka bean. As most Burberry fragrances are quite heavy, this product is slightly less musky and more on the lighter side, which makes it easier to wear.




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