Fresh Faced With Aveeno




Sometimes it’s nice to go au naturale and embrace your complexion, especially in the warmer months. To be quite honest, most days of the week I barely wear any makeup since I work from home, so the need for heavy eyeliner and thick lashes are only seen on my blog or social media. Even after a long day of shooting, trying to take off all that makeup (like the look I’m wearing in this post) can take some effort, that’s why I love using Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub because it’s gentle enough to rid my skin of all the built up dirt and oil throughout the day without disrupting the natural oil that’s on the surface layer of my skin. I’ve been a long time fan of Aveeno’s skincare range ever since the beginning of college when I was on a strick budget. Their products were accessible enough to find at any drugstore while being right in my price range so I could repurchase them again and again. I also have extremely sensitive skin, so since most of their products are oatmeal based, they don’t cause any reactions. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my years of trying different cleansers and moisturizers, it’s that not using harsh cleansers on my skin is what helps keep breakouts at bay and maintain a clear complexion. It was when I was experimenting with different oil fighting cleansers and spot treatments that my skin reacted badly and made me want to wear a mask of makeup all the time. I’m a lot more comfortable with my skin now and that’s because I’m using products that are a perfect match for my skin type. I’ve been loving applying Aveeno’s Targeted Tone Corrector under my eyes at night to help brighten and preserve the natural pigment that’s there.

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*Thanks to Aveeno for partnering with me in this post!


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