Regardless of whether or not it’s Fall I love a good bold lip. I think it’s such an easy trick to make any look just that much more sophisticated, especially if you’re not a makeup artist. Doing the whole smokey eyes with big lashes and contouring is great if you have the time to devote in perfecting a statement look, but these days I’m so busy that I like to tailor my makeup around the crazy schedule I’m currently working with. I love when something takes me ten minutes and it looks like I spent forever doing it. That’s how I feel with this makeup look. The bold lip and flawless base is always my number one makeup trick for pulling it all together on the days where you don’t feel like making the effort. The little steps like defining your eyebrow shape or over lining your lips just a tad make all the difference on an every day basis. This look really transitions from day to night if you want to throw a deep purple lipstick in your bag and a winged liner pencil for added definition. When I spend a few extra minutes on myself in the morning, I’m always bound to have a better day. I feel better because I look better. I know, I know, i it’s not all about outward appearance, but there’s a lot to say about taking care of yourself and finding enjoyment out of it as well. Switching it up when a new season rolls around is the perfect excuse to change up your “makeup comfort zone” and bring to life an otherwise neutral look.


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