As you may have noticed, I’m obsessed with gold (you can see here,  here and here). It’s on all of my Pinterest boards and whenever I look at the details for either fashion or home decor, it must be gold. It’s right on trend and I think it adds a certain amount of glam to any ordinary outfit (not to mention it compliments tan skin!). I saw this idea to use gold spray paint to spruce up any dull elements in a space, so I decided to give it a try. I bought the spray paint from Michaels for around $4(get the Michaels app and you’ll get 50% off!). I started off with a plain, cream colored picture frame that my sister gave to me before she moved. It needed an extra something and before tossing it, I experimented a little. First I cleaned off any dust or residue from sitting in the garage to create a nice base for the paint to stick to.


Then I removed the glass and backing. I also put old newspapers down making sure I don’t accidentally get paint on the granite underneath!



After that I applied two coats of paint, waiting five minutes between coats and spraying 6 inches away and at an angle.



Finally, I picked up some fun paper since I didn’t have a large enough picture and cut to size.


Lastly, I put it on my nightstand only after 10 minutes of it drying and I love the result!



It’s such a fun way to personalize the details in your home and Michaels offer a wide variety of metallic colors to choose from!



  1. January 26, 2014 / 10:42 pm

    Who would have known my gf was so artsy! hehe

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