Chinese Laundry Flats/Mossimo Dress(Similar)/ Lauren Conrad Rings/ Ann Taylor Loft Chain Link Bracelet/ Revlon Hair Waver (My New Favorite Hair Tool!)/ Ardell Demi Wispies 120 (Loving!!)/ Essie’s Cascade Cool

I had the greatest intention of uploading todays post in a sun basked field full of fruit, corn, trees (ect.) during the ‘golden hour‘ but it all got to be too much. Outfits and staging and lighting and makeup and backgrounds and lenses and posing and blah. After about nine months of experimenting in the world of blogging, its time to settle down a bit (hah). And of course I say that in the most honest sarcastic way possible because that’s never really an option for bloggers. It’s become a lifestyle and a constant everything. Doug and I are so immersed on the interwebs that there’s rarely a moment that’s not planned out. In this shoot I wanted to try and capture how I really am on a Wednesday night. It’s after work, we’re both tired, hungry, and ready to get into pajamas. Behind the lens you’ll find Doug, a precooked pasta dish I brought over for us to eat(I definitely persuaded him to take these pictures in exchange for dinner), and a car waiting to take us to get Rite Aid ice-cream(mocha almond fudge of course!) It’s pictures like these that depict everything so scripted, so staged, but to be honest it’s kind of nice to have a part of your lifestyle thats put together and wrapped in a little sparkly box and tied with a perfect bow. It’s something I can control. A constant. And I think it’s okay. As long as you know the difference and when to turn off the camera. Happy Monday!! xo


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