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I had the strangest encounter yesterday. I was in line at Coffee Bean and as I was paying for my hazelnut mocha frap (which is to die for by the way),the lady behind the register quickly replied as I was leaving, “Looks like your day is going a lot better than mine sitting behind this register.” I was honestly so taken aback that for a second I thought I heard her wrong. After asking again what she said, she repeatedly said the same thing. I just muttered “probably not,” not knowing what more to say and walked away, flustered. I honestly wouldn’t have thought twice about it if she had said it in a joking tone, but it definintely wasn’t a laughing matter. She sincerely thought that because I wasn’t working(at the moment) that I had no troubles and just trot along with my coffee drink. It made me think for a moment what other people perceive me as. I really don’t go around caring too much of others opinions(unless its blog related), but that statement made me stop and pause.

Was I doing something that made her upset? After a while I realized that it’s not me buying my coffee that that wrong, it was her own battle she was fighting. I always try and remember something my Mom says: not to judge and be kind to everyone because we are all fighting a battle inside and nobody knows anything about it. There are days where I don’t feel like putting my best foot forward and I take it out on passerbyers. That really makes me sad, especially when I actually felt the backlash. It’s not always pleasant to be treated poorly, but its a great reminder to recognize the fight we all have inside about something. It’s not up to us to determine if others actions are warranted, I think its up to us to decide compassion or neglect. Just some thoughts on your Wednesday<3 xoxo


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