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I’m not too familiar with wide open land. When I see fields of cotton, corn, or any kind of vegetation I am always so intrigued because I’m used to the hustle and bustle of the city. The Santa Cruz area has a different kind of ¬†peace to it that’s both calming and comforting. The people keep to themselves and the scenery is beautiful. It’s definitely more of a free spirited, hippie town where reggae and positive vibes reign. It’s nice to be taken out of your norm and experience a place entirely different and unfamiliar. It opens up your view of the world and the people living in it, making you appreciate where you come from and intrigued on where you’re going to end up.

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  1. Jojo
    March 30, 2014 / 6:23 am

    Very nice. Can’t wait to visit Santa Cruz.

  2. March 30, 2014 / 9:49 am

    Hi Hayley! I love these photos, so bright and positive!

    • Hayley
      March 30, 2014 / 8:15 pm

      Thanks Solya!

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