Since I’m currently in Tennessee at the moment, I’m dreaming of pastels, light layers, and fun sandals for spring being that its freezing outside! I always say I’m in love with the rain, but visiting the South makes me realize I’m a Southern Cali girl at heart. When it comes to splurging on a wardrobe piece, I almost always suggest going with something neutral. Mainly because you’re able to wear it multiple times throughout any season without having to wonder if it’s going to match. However, there are sometimes when an item just speaks to your sole and you find yourself walking out of a shop completely satisfied with the purchase. I decided to round up my top 13 pieces that are in my opinion, worth the splurge. A lot of people have different opinions about what to invest their money in. I know for the majority, its always handbags, but sometimes I like to diversify and splurge on a party dress or patterned clutch. Hope this inspires you to take the plunge and purchase something outside of your comfort zone this spring!

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