July 30, 2018

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If you haven’t seen this vlog, then you may not know that we’re moving back to SoCal at the start of the new year! We explain it all in that video, but I’m honestly so excited. A lot of you asked which area of Southern California, but we really just aren’t sure. Since we will be renting for the next year, it’s a bit tough because all the good rentals go SO quick in desirable areas. When I went to rent our apartment in LA years ago, there were 10 people lined up by the door because it was so close to the beach and we were all applying on our phones the moment we walked outside! ha It’s a miracle we actually got it. This time it will be an entirely different experience as we will have a new baby and a toddler, but I’m excited for the new change and challenge!


Yet again, I’m back to being obsessed with Pink Blush Maternity like I was in my first pregnancy! I’m wearing this dress (size small, which fits snug;) and I love how a lot of their maternity clothes embrace the bump and just make you feel so feminine.

As much as we do love Charleston, we are so homesick for California. I’m sure thats apparent from the vlogs haha I just can’t sugar coat things on camera and have to tell you guys the truth! If we weren’t having a baby so soon, we might have stayed in Charleston for another year, but the timing just wasn’t perfect. This next year will be really different for many reasons. Not only will we be a family of four, we will be living in an area we haven’t lived before (hopefully). We probably won’t move back to Manhattan Beach…although it’s SOOO tempting because of how gorgeous it is and there is so much to do because we want to push ourselves to try something new. We are looking into San Diego or certain cities in Orange County so far! I will update you guys along the way:) Although it may seem crazy to many of you watching/reading, we really do like trying new areas to live. I love the idea of being a little nomadic family and not being too tied down to one area (especially before kids are in school). I’m trying to talk Doug into spending a few months in Hawaii, but he’s not going for it;) Either Hawaii or Japan haha We will see!

This pregnancy is seriously flying by and I’m so excited to meet baby #2! Annabelle is already obsessed with kids and babies and as much as 2 under 2 sounds insane, I know it will be so worth it for her to have a sibling close in age.

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  1. Tammi Vela says:

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Dani says:

    I am actually the opposite of you right now – I’m leaving the West Coast and moving to the East Coast and we’re going to be having our baby girl in November. I’m really sad about the quality of Mexican food on the East Coast and I feel like I’ll be homesick within the first two years. Super curious to know where you’ll end up moving to! O.C. is so pretty and you would be so close to Disney but San Diego is gorgeous as well (close to the zoo). Wherever you end up, I hope that it’s a smooth move for you and your little family!

  3. Sara Hernandez says:

    You’re so pretty! ?Have you been to Hawaii? I would love to live there for a while. I hope you guys find a place in San Diego. That would be another great area to live. How far is that from your family?

  4. Lauren says:

    Loving the San Diego idea!!! It’s one of my favorite cities. You can always Home school your kids!!!

  5. The dress looks great on you. Wish you the best

  6. Alyssa says:

    As someone who lived in San Diego for 5 years it’s my favorite place i’ve ever been. I lived in Clairemont and the area has great charter schools and everything is so close by, and it’s not far from Pacific Beach at all. maybe something to look into!! Also, i love how you post blog updates as well as the vlogs. Sometimes i’m a little too busy to watch the vlogs so reading the updates is a little quicker.

  7. Hannah says:

    I hope you find a nice place in San Diego for you and your family. I lived there for two years and completely loved it, now you got me thinking about going back.

  8. Jane says:

    You are glowing! I remember when I moved during my pregnancy. Moving was stressful already, mix that with all the hormones and I was like Godzilla every day. San Diego is a wonderful place to live btw.

  9. Deven Carley says:

    It’s a very important info you share on this blog. Moving is not easy process. Lot’s of work. I am really happy with your blog. Great information you share with me. Thanks.

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