I was the mother who thought I could never have a "balanced" life between family & ambitions...

The phrase I should have had tattooed on my forehead was "I don't have time..."

"I don't have time to keep a clean house with little ones."
"I don't have time to progress our business during this phase of life."
"I barely have time to take a shower!"

These thoughts were all consuming, which later I learned became my identity. Shifting these beliefs to ones that better served me, pre-planning and prioritizing the time I did have, and working backwards from my goals made everything possible and more than I could have imagined. 

I'm Hayley — homeschool mother of 3, wife, and digital entrepreneur. I help women win the battle of managing their schedule, goals & home efficiently...for the last time.

But I started to ask myself, does this belief serve me? I've learned that...
We create who we are with our thoughts. What we think about, pay attention to, focus on, and choose to believe...whatever goes on in our mind, that is what becomes our reality.

What are you constantly telling yourself about motherhood? Is it "hard", do you "need coffee to survive", are 2 year olds the "worst", is it "difficult to have a good relationship with your spouse"? 

Watch your thoughts, they become beliefs, and you will ultimately manifest them as reality. 

with the obligatory "glass of wine" as their prize at the end of the day, it's become a trend in today's society to latch onto the belief that women aren't capable of "doing it all well."

I see too many women fall prey to the victim mentality. Labeling themselves with "momming is hard" as a badge of honor. 

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