At Home Date Night & 3 Ingredient Milkshake!

July 30, 2016

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When Doug and I first moved in together after over three years of dating, it took us a while to get into the groove of things. Meaning for the first few months we spent endless nights eating out, had no plan for who did what household chore, and just had no real routine in general. If I’ve learned one thing post college, is that routines and a slightly structured week makes for more peace of mind, especially when living with your spouse. You always know what the others plans are and it makes for no real surprises, which is comforting and enables you to plan ahead for big things. After a few months of settling in, we soon fell into somewhat of a routine where our financial goals came into play with almost everything we planned for. That means Doug and I usually take turns making dinners and lunches throughout the week and we designate the weekends to go out on a date night. It keeps things interesting and allows us to really splurge on a good place rather than settling on In-N-Out or Pizza Hut (although sometimes we still cave).

This particular week night I cooked our favorite go-to dinner that’s quick to throw together and still mouth watering. Since we don’t have a grill, I pan seared some rib eye steaks, threw a potato in the oven, and whipped up a quick arugula salad with all our favorite toppings.

date-night-free-people-dress-2 date-night-free-people-dress-1 date-night-free-people-dress-3 date-night-free-people-dress-5 date-night-free-people-dress-4My favorite part of dinner is always dessert! I mentioned this three ingredient dessert on my Youtube channel and I always get asked about it so I thought I would include it! Doug and I are fanatics about milkshakes, but all that ice cream can sometimes give me a stomachache and not to mention it isn’t forgiving on the waistline. To make the perfect banana chocolate milkshake that seriously tastes just like the ones from Johnny Rockets, I take one frozen banana, one tablespoon of cocoa powder, and either cows milk (2% for creaminess) or almond milk depending on what I have in the refrigerator and blend it together in my Magic Bullet and it tastes exactly like a regular milkshake without all the calories!date-night-free-people-dress-6 date-night-free-people-dress-7 date-night-free-people-dress-8 date-night-free-people-dress-9 date-night-free-people-dress-11 date-night-free-people-dress-13 date-night-free-people-dress-14

I live in loose dresses in the summer, especially if we decide to stay in. This one from Free People has become my new favorite because of the structureless silhouette making it perfect for indulging in your favorite food and dessert.

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  1. Fariha says:

    You set up the table so nicely. Everything is so beautiful and organized! That milkshake sounds so simple to make. I’m definitely going to add it to my list of simple dessert recipes.

    Love how comfortable and cute your dress looks as well 🙂

    Fariha |

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