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I can’t believe I’m just now sharing Scarlett’s birth pictures! She is now 3 months old and I’ve kind of laid low these past three months. Rather than share every moment like I did with Annabelle, I decided that this time I’d keep it for our family until I felt like sharing and I’m so […]


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To be clear, I’ve never really considered myself a working Mom, until recently. For many of you who have followed me throughout the years, you’ll know up until Annabelle was around one year old I ran my channel as a side hobby so I could focus on her first year of life. I cherish those […]

Being A Working Mom & Balancing It All


From the moment I put my life on the Internet, I’ve been met with strangers’ advice on all aspects of my life starting with getting engaged, planning a wedding, marriage tips, and especially when I became a Mom. A few years later and thousands of wanted (and unwanted) opinions later, I’ve learned to take the […]

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received As a New Mom + Stroller Giveaway!


I was going through THE sticky notes on my computer and realized Doug and I made a schedule for ourselves a few weeks ago that has literally saved our sanity so I thought I’d share! I know not every SAHM works with their husband, but these tips can really help any Mom or person looking […]

After posting a few months ago all my favorite Amazon picks, I kept getting requests for more posts where I link baby, Mom/personal, or household products I’m loving so I thought I’d make it a reoccurring thing! We order so frequently off Amazon because it’s just so convenient and while not all things are 10/10, […]



Hi Friends!! I seriously feel soooo good today. I’m making a new habit of waking up at 6am (working my way to 5am eventually) so I can wake up before Annabelle and get work done. It honestly does amazing things for my psyche! I’m already dreading the time change when we fly back to Charleston […]



Yesterday was my baby shower for baby #2 (see vlog) and it was so much fun! For this baby shower, I knew we didn’t have a lot of time to plan it as we were only in California for a few weeks, so I wanted the venue to be “all inclusive” and take care of […]

If you haven’t seen already, I uploaded my “second pregnancy essentials” video today and didn’t want to post the same content on my blog so I decided to share more about my favorite maternity wear brand in today’s post! I always get questions about where I purchase my clothing and especially maternity wear and by far Pink […]

My Favorite Maternity Clothing Brand


If you haven’t seen this vlog, then you may not know that we’re moving back to SoCal at the start of the new year! We explain it all in that video, but I’m honestly so excited. A lot of you asked which area of Southern California, but we really just aren’t sure. Since we will […]



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