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Hi everyone!!! …or those who have stuck around while I took a rather large two year break from consistently posting on social!:) Since putting a pause on my YouTube channel and social platforms to grow a new business (you can watch why we made that decision in this video), so much has changed in our […]

I’m Back!! What’s New & What To Expect

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From the moment I put my life on the Internet, I’ve been met with strangers’ advice on all aspects of my life starting with getting engaged, planning a wedding, marriage tips, and especially when I became a Mom. A few years later and thousands of wanted (and unwanted) opinions later, I’ve learned to take the […]

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received As a New Mom + Stroller Giveaway!


I’ve been making this pasta recipe ever since Doug and I moved in and its THE BEST!! I rarely post recipes on my blog unless they are 100% tried and true and this one is everything I could want in a pasta – super quick preparation, no crazy ingredients or seasonings, creamy texture, and melt […]



We knew we were going to Japan for our honeymoon even before we were engaged so finally getting to plan our dream trip was so exciting! I vlogged most of our trip (see the vlogs here) and a lot of you wanted to know our favorite places to go in Japan/Tokyo so I thought I would round […]

I did things a little backwards as far as wedding planning because I decided that before I chose my bridesmaids I was going to pick a venue and date. I did this because we didn’t know if we were going to have a destination wedding and if so, how many people were going to be […]

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? + Free Downloadable Prints


A still from my recent summer look book I honestly can’t believe it’s almost August. Am I the only one craving fall this bad? I think because I’ve lived in California my whole life, I desperately love any kind of season…even if we get that in the form of a few days of rain and […]

Last Weekend…


Loving these Perry Street ‘Emilia’ Earrings c/o Rocksbox (First month free with code: dailydoseofdarlingxoxo) Yesterday was Doug and I’s four year anniversary! I can’t believe it has been this long already. It feels like just yesterday I was going to his Fraternity house everyday after class to see him. It’s crazy when you first meet someone and […]

Paint swatches for wedding decor inspiration & a much needed wedding planning book This week went by so quickly I don’t even remember it starting! I spent a few days at my parents house and it was nice to get to relax and spend time with them. It’s funny how once you have moved out of […]

Wedding Planning


One of the first things Doug and I noticed when moving to LA is the abundance of food trucks located in every city. From steamy buns to pretzel grilled cheeses, the creations that these companies come up with always make my mouth water! We stopped by the Enriched Farms food truck event near our area that is […]

Los Angeles Street Food With Eventbrite


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