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September 7, 2015

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I’ve been gravitating towards a more natural makeup look as of late (well, natural to me;) and that’s because I haven’t wanted to bother with eyeshadow. I’ve found that spending the time to perfect and blend my eyeshadow was taking the place of what’s most important to me when it comes to makeup – aka the base/skin. Ever since I fell in love (and yes, I said fell in love) with Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, I’ve found that it takes a bit more time to work into the skin (I use a dampened beauty blender). However, when it is fully blended my skin looks flawless and covers any unwanted spots or redness. I have found that with that particular mattifying foundation I need a setting spray to coat my skin after it’s been powdered and I’ve been using Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray because it adds just the right amount of dewiness back into my skin without making it look oily. There’s something about using a setting spray that ties your makeup look together. It perfectly blends your bronzer, blush, and highlighter to look effortlessly contoured (we all know contouring isn’t effortless;)

Other than those few products, I’ve found a blush that is PERFECTION!!! (insert praising hands emoji here)!! I may sound a bit dramatic talking about a blush, but if you try it you will feel the same way! The one I’m talking about is MAC’s ‘harmony’ blush. It doesn’t look like much in the pan, but it’s the perfect matte contour shade that mimics the natural shadows of your cheekbones and whenever I wear it (which lets be honest, is everyday), my foundation game is strong!! Seriously, you need to try it!! I use it as a blush and not a contour, even though it looks like a contour shade. I’ve also found another really good natural looking set of eyelashes that are super inexpensive that I’ve been wearing on each blog post (see here & here). They are the Ardell Demi Wispies and are great with a simple winged liner. The last product that I’m currently using daily is Mac’s ‘Syrup’ lipstick. It’s a deeper nude shade that is more sophisticated and goes with most of my day to day looks.

I’d love for you to share with me any of your current beauty favorites because I’m beauty obsessed and love hearing about your new finds!:) Also, I just uploaded my August favorites video here if you want to check it out!:)

LOFT Blouse | Ardell Demi Wispies False Lashes | MAC’s Harmony Blush | MAC’s Syrup Lipstick  | Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray | Beauty Blender

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE these kinds of posts! Some of my recent beauty faves is the Bobbi Brown lipstick I rediscovered in “Slopes”, the Bobbi Brown shimmery “Taupe” eye shadow and the Nars “Super Orgasm” blush!

    Thanks for sharing these…I may have to look into that foundation! By the way, do you have any tinted moisturizers you love?


  2. paulina says:

    That foundation is AMAZING! I’ve been wearing it for years and it’s so perfect for oily skin! I’ll have to try that MAC blusher.

  3. alex says:

    I’ve used the setting spray before and you’re right, it doesn’t do anything to keep the makeup on my face. It’s great to tie everything together though and it leaves my skin not so matte.

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