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January 4, 2017

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For me pregnancy was rough! Growing up I had always heard that it was this magical time where soon to be Mother’s had this special glow and were just full of love and happiness…and then the realness hit aka morning sickness. It was terrible! For the first four months I was impaired and after this entire experience I feel so much more prepared for my next pregnancy. I thought I would share my pregnancy essentials for all my expecting Mothers out there!

I also wanted to mention a new affordable site that I’ve been loving! Make Me Chic is a sister company to SheInside, which I’m sure you’ve heard of and they have a ton of trendy pieces that won’t break the bank like these over the knee boots (under $50!), this flutter sleeve blouse, and this pink crochet dress. I recently wore this off the shoulder dress and this tunic and they are so easy to just throw on and look put together even at 9 months pregnant!

  1. Nature’s Way Gummy Prenatal Vitamins: The only vitamins that I could swallow that wouldn’t make me nauseous and the best part is they taste like gummy bears!
  2. What To Expect When Your Expecting: This book was a life savor. Whenever I had a question regarding pregnancy symptoms, it answered every single one and tracked my pregnancy week by week so accurately.
  3. Pink Stork Morning Sickness Solutions Tea: A life savor for morning sickness!
  4. Motherhood Maternity Leggings: You seriously need these in your life, especially during your third trimester. It makes getting ready in the morning that much easier and stress free.
  5. Pink Blush Maternity (Maternity Jeans) c/o: I was so against purchasing maternity clothing in the beginning. I thought that most of it was either too frumpy looking or not trendy enough. That was until my third trimester when nothing fit right. Maternity jeans are such a necessity especially when leggings just don’t cut it if the weather becomes extra cold. Pink Blush Maternity has some of my favorites! They also have the cutest maternity dresses for your baby shower!
  6. Bella B Tummy Honey Cream c/o: I loved this cream because of how fast it dries and how moisturizing it makes your skin feel!
  7. Kapaluan Coconut Oil c/o: I swear by this stuff even when I’m not pregnant, but even more so when I’m fighting stretch marks because it’s all natural and really moisturizes my skin better than any cream or oil. I also use it to oil cleanse my face from makeup at night!
  8. Cozy Robe: If I’m being completely honest, there were some days I was huddled near the toilet for hours and the thought of getting dressed/ready overwhelmed me (TMI/first trimester problems). A cozy robe to throw on became my best friend!

*If you want to check out the videos I’ve filmed about pregnancy like how to combat morning sickness, my pregnancy pamper routine, or a third trimester maternity haul, then check out this playlist!

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  1. Sara says:

    I know what you mean about pregnancy. I get that some women make it out to be some magical beautiful fairy princess stage lol but not for all women! And that’s perfectly okay because it’s that beautiful baby at the end that matters!!!

    I had horrible morning sickness ALL the time for like the first five months too. I will have to keep that tea in mind for when I’m pregnant with my second lol. And I see Shop Pink Blush on IG allll the time, I’ll have to check out their fashion. I’m always hesitant buying maternity clothing online because I’m bad at even getting my sizes right and how clothes will fit when I’m NOT pregnant lol. do they do free returns? I’ll have to check it out because their stuff is sooo pretty.

  2. Iris says:

    I loved this post and I definitely think this would be very helpful for future mother’s.
    I would like to have children of my own some day and these types of things really interest me

  3. Iris says:

    Loved this post and I definitely think that a future mum could really be thankful for this advice.
    I would love to have kids in the future and posts like this really interest me.

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