October 8, 2017

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At first, she was intrigued with the sheep… And just like the pumpkins, she said “Noooo way!” Long gone are the days of her keeping hats on her head:( Annabelle and her Godmom or as well call her “Fairy Godmother” because she brings lots of gifts;)

Top | Skirt

Annabelle’s Dress c/o | Annabelle’s Hat

Alright you guys, long gone are the days when I try to be a picture-perfect blogger and pretended every set of images were easily shot and we had the most magical time taking them. I’d like to think some of my charm comes from being a real human being in this cloud of perfect Mommy bloggers with impeccably curated feeds and images on social media (hopefully;) Well, this particular day was CRAY. First off, apple picking sounds like the cutest fall festive idea, right? Eh…not so much with a baby. We try not to let having a baby dictate everything we do, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Apple picking is a lot more strenuous than people let on. We went to Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, CA and it seemed like the most magical place! Little did we know, it was pretty big, involved lots of dirt and even more hills (remind me to buy a jogging stroller already!). It was sooo hot and I forgot Annabelle’s baby sunscreen so I was trying to cover her up the entire time so she didn’t get burned. Also, picking apples isn’t actually the most glamorous thing to do. So when you see these cute girls on Instagram dressed in plaid and picking apples in loafers, if they are in CA they are probably sweating their butts off and paying $50 for a bucket of joke!

Anyways, now that I’m being a TOTAL downer in this post, I still wanted to share the pics of this day since Annabelle was sooo cute and loved seeing all the animals and holding the apples:)

P.S. I LOVEEEE fall fashion so I thought I’d include a few other festive outfit pieces I’m dying over!

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  1. Betty M says:

    Gosh, I love how honest you are.. and yes, I’m always wondering how some people do it! ? I mean I can barely make it to the grocery shop and back, specially if I’m alone. But I would change it for the world!! Btw Annabelle’s the cutest! ?

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