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August 3, 2017

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My beauty routine tends to change up a bit throughout the warmer months because my skin gets more oily and I’m all about a bronze glow! Now that summer is coming to an end, I thought I would share a few of my must have summer beauty products in my ‘five favorites’ series that I’ve used since May since so many of you ask me to talk more about beauty!

*This post was sponsored by Organic Doctor via Mom It Forward Influencer Network.

  1. Tanceuticals Self-tanner – I know, I know…how many times can I talk about being tan! I did a video all on my current favorite self-tan here, which explains more in detail the process that’s involved in achieving a faux “I just came back from Bora Bora” look;) As you can tell, I ‘m normally ghostly pale! Now that I don’t lay out in the sun and fry like I did back in college, I have to go the extra mile to make myself look tan, which I don’t mind because I don’t want wrinkles! What was I thinking back in the day!? I love their Ultra Dark CC lotion and Dark face lotion. It doesn’t streak and lasts 2 weeks!
  2. Good skin care – I used to never be worried about aging or my skin, but every since turning 25 I’m hypersensitive to it! I swear 25 is the age where things really start showing or maybe it’s because I just had a baby, but fine lines, gray hair (I’ve found 2!), blotchiness…it’s all popping up and I’m not a fan. I love finding plant and organic based products just like these two to help combat aging. I’ve mentioned Organic Doctor products before, but I’ve found two more of their products that I’ve fallen in love with over the last month. Their line is award winning in the UK and just launched in the US available on Amazon and CVS. Their products are famous for using the finest botanical and naturally inspired ingredients to ensure that the bioactive properties of the organic ingredients in each product are truly captured. First off, their Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is seriously amazing. It deeply moisturizes and has so many nourishing properties and the best part – it doesn’t break me out! It also dries very quickly on the skin. The other product I love from their range is their Rose Otto Face Mask. I used it last night and my skin feels so much smoother this morning. I apply it once a week and it completely takes away any texture bumps on my skin!
  3. Native Deodorant – Seriously you guys….I DIE for this deodorant. This isn’t something I go around telling everyone all the time, but I smell. I seriously smell like a man!! After mentioning this to my girlfriends they quickly told me the same, that any of the deodorants they try from the drugstore never work and they always smell by the end of the day or workout. I scoured the internet trying to find the best reviews on deodorants and this one kept popping up. I was hesitant to try it because literally, nothing has ever worked, but this is a GODSEND. I’ve been using it for three weeks and I’ve found my holy grail deodorant! It’s all natural and I smell fresh like a daisy by 10 pm!! You have to try it! I’m trying to get Doug hooked on it too;)
  4. Paula’s Choice Resist Anti Aging Serum Foundation – This foundation is so so good and all natural!! It’s perfect for oily/ acne prone skin because it’s matte enough to where you don’t have to powder every hour and is medium to high coverage. It gives a semi-matte finish and doesn’t make you have cake face, but your skin still looks flawless!
  5. Beyond The Zone Rock On Powder – This stuff is definitely an acquired taste. If you don’t like the feeling of “dirty” hair, then this might not be for you, but it makes your hair HUGE and I’m addicted. I usually use it on day 2-3 of not washing my hair to give it some life, but you just sprinkle a little onto your roots and you have so much volume!

That’s it for today’s beauty favorites! If you like these blog posts then let me know and I can do more:)

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  1. Brigette says:

    Ugh I hate how my skin changes with the weather! My lips and right around my nose tend to get the driest in the colder months.

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