Foxy Locks 20” Cocoa Extensions Review

February 15, 2016

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Since my last hair extensions review (and video) was pretty popular on the blog I thought I would do another one featuring my new Foxy Locks 20” 230 gram cocoa extensions. As you can see my hair is A LOT darker than before and it matches my natural hair color a lot better. Before I had a reddish brown color going on that I was getting tired of! I have been using extensions for years and I’ve gone through some amazing ones and some not so amazing. I was on the hunt the last few months for a good pair of dark brown extensions to wear at my wedding and I had heard amazing things about Foxy Locks so I decided to give them a try! It had been a year of me wearing my Bellami Bellissima 22”, 220 gram Chocolate Brown extensions almost daily and it was time for a new pair. I swear, once you get a good pair of extensions you can’t go back to your normal hair! It makes SUCH a difference to your overall appearance and I love fuller hair.

While I loved my Bellami extensions, I used them for a more natural look and cut a good five inches off the bottom, which added more fullness to my hair rather than length. This is a great tip to get over that awkward hair length stage when you’re trying to grow your hair out. I knew I wanted longer hair for my wedding so I stuck with the 20”, 230 grams Foxy Locks ones and I love them! I’ve been using them for about two weeks and I can already tell you that they are SO soft! Seriously, softer than my natural hair after a hair mask! They also blend a lot more with my natural hair because they are a tad thiner than my last pair. With that being said Bellami’s 220 gram extensions are A LOT thicker than Foxy Lock’s 230 gram extensions. I know you’re probably thinking that thicker extensions are always better (that’s what I used to think), but it really does depend on what type of hair you have in the first place.

I don’t have extremely thick hair so when I wore my Bellami extensions, you could tell a slight difference in the texture of the extensions and my natural hair. With my new Foxy Locks ones the thickness is almost identical, so it blends a lot better. So basically I would encourage you to find extensions that have the same amount of thickness as your natural hair so they won’t look as fake and then if you have to, take them to your hairdresser and let them put in layers (I don’t do this because I like a lot of thickness at the bottom). Anyways, I’m probably going to cut off an inch or two at the bottom so they look a bit more natural, but I wanted to keep them long for this post so you can see just how long 20 inches really is! So far I love them, but I will update you as to how they hold up after usage and washes. I also want to mention how great the price is! I usually wear my extensions a year before getting new ones and for $200 that is WELL worth it. Trust me, I’ve purchased cheaper ones in the past and you can totally tell the difference!

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  1. Your Sister says:

    Looks great, Hayley! I really like these ones! Looks real and I love the color on you. Makes your hair look healthy. Love the long length as well!

  2. sallida says:

    You look beautiful, I f you would not mention anything, I would it thought it was your natural hair!

  3. thanks for this useful review…

  4. dani says:

    Your hair colour is stunning, the extensions look so natural.

    I had the superior foxy locks last year, they didn’t look as great as this and got dry quite quickly. Maybe it’s because I had platinum blonde and they undergo a massive bleaching process to get so light! Now I have dark hair again your blog definitely makes me rethink the company!

  5. Sara Cargill says:

    I literally need those sunglasses!

  6. Jenn says:

    This is wonderful to see and know about, wonder if I should do the same.

  7. This blog is so nicely written and the way it is structed makes it so cohorent. I love clip in hair extensions and this one makes me buy a new bundle now!

  8. Emma Ashton says:

    A Clip-in Colored Hair Extension is a hairpiece that is inserted in to your hair like a comb. The entire extension is one piece that is attached to clips in a row, and the free hair on top is the extension. Hair extensions for curly hair add volume to your hair and create new looks. Clip-In Colored Hair Extensions are ideal for all hair types, including colored hair. The extensions can transform your look in just a few minutes.

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