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August 29, 2022

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Hi everyone!!!

…or those who have stuck around while I took a rather large two year break from consistently posting on social!:)

Since putting a pause on my YouTube channel and social platforms to grow a new business (you can watch why we made that decision in this video), so much has changed in our personal life and I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever be writing on this blog again.

I initially started this blog as a way to connect with readers going through the lonely phases of life like I was.

…graduating college and navigating getting a job

…decorating and moving into a new apartment

…getting engaged and then married

…getting unexpectedly pregnant after the engagement (oops lol)

…quitting my job to do YouTube full time and my husband following

…documenting the challenges of transitioning to a mother of one and then multiples

After that, I stopped posting entirely and I feel I truly have become a new person. Like…legit the videos and content I posted about before…

I don’t even recognize that girl!

Nearly three years ago I was anxious, stressed, unfulfilled, and worried about what the future held for my family and I. I had no time to put towards my blog, which was once my most beloved hobby. I felt like I couldn’t truly be myself online because I needed to appease brands in order to make ends meet. I wouldn’t trade our risky and to outsiders “dumb” decisions for the world because then we wouldn’t be here today, but I have learned some major lessons like…

I want to be with my kids most of the time, which means my business has to take a backseat to family. I was always entrepreneurial minded thanks to my dad. The idea that “success was my duty” and “having money was a requirement to actually helping others” has been engrained into me since I was a little child and with that has come great blessings, but great strife.

Pursuing financial success was not a question for me. I needed wealth to help family members. I needed it to be free from people telling me what to do and when. I needed it to own my own time and live life on my own terms. “I needed it”.

However when I turned 28 years old, it became glaringly apparent that I didn’t “need it” more than giving my kids the upbringing I always wanted. I adored my childhood. It was truly the American dream. We lived in a beautiful house we “restored” as a family. We had chickens, goats, a pig, etc. I made amazing life long friends, but I didn’t spend a ton of time at home because I was either at school or daycare or a friends house.

I want to give my children time spent at home. Time to be carefree without a strict schedule. Time to pursue their own interests (no this isn’t a homeschooling blog). Time to travel the world and see things in real life vs on a “powerpoint” (yes, I know no one uses this program anymore lol).

And in order to do the above, I NEEDED to be home with them. Not outsourced to a nanny. Not at school most of their days. But I still felt that obligation for financial success. Well, because…

I couldn’t give them that lifestyle if we had no money and I had to get an 8-5 job.

So we started our life over. From scratch. Took the savings we were going to put down on a house in SoCal and invested over six figures in mentors and masterminds to learn how to earn an income online. We worked naps and nights for over two years while during the day I spent with the kids. Not online. Cooking in the kitchen, taking them to parks, meeting new friends at co-ops. Vlogging none of it (maybe I put up two vlogs in the meantime).

It was nice. So why am I back here? Why start this again? For one, I love the creative aspect of writing (I’m not good at it lol) and truly I love connecting with other moms online. I’m also a certified introvert. I can force an extroverted nature at park playdates, but mostly, I want to be inside with my family, which means I enjoy connecting with others online!

I also see a huge problem with most accounts within the motherhood niche (not throwing shade, these aren’t all accounts, just some and this used to be me!). I don’t know if it’s just me, but especially in 2022, I’m not a big fan of the whole “woah is me being a mother is so hard” mentality. Listen, I KNOW it is hard, but hard compared to what? Our old single life? Of course! I used to shower whenever I wanted and my apartment never got dirty. I didn’t have to read on child development, wipe noses, or understand tantrums. Life was easy peasy.

But the mentality I used to have only did be a disservice. Repeating the phrases “momming is hard” or “I’m losing my identity as a mom” doesn’t help the family unit or even us women personally. I’m trying to take it back to the days when women’s mission in life was to be an excellent mother and wife. Where their role was to create a warming environment for their families, they served healthy meals daily, life was slower, and strong relationships maritally came easier because their focus was on the family.

I realize this is ironic for me to say, given that I also build businesses for a living, but I believe you can have it all if you manage not only your time, but your priorities as well. So that’s where I’m taking this blog and my social platforms. I’ll still be the “same old me” who tells it like it is and shares the struggles, but I’m now aiming to not complain as much and take ownership for the way my life goes unlike I was doing before.

And with that, there’s some exciting announcements!

  1. I’m hosting a free 5 day challenge on the topics discussed above and giving away a cash prize for one person who participates (yes, I’m crazy, but willing to incentivize to kick things off with a bang!) Sign up here as it starts in a few days. Details will be sent via email.
  2. New YouTube videos will go out each week! I won’t be vlogging unless it’s sent out via email. So join my email list here.
  3. A new blog post will go out every week as well!

Thank you all for sticking around and I’m beyond excited to share this journey with you.

xx Hayley

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