March 19, 2019

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It’s definitely harder to lose the postpartum weight after baby number two and it was way easier to gain it during my second pregnancy. After indulging in one too many milkshakes during my pregnancy, as soon as I had Scarlett I was determined to make a change and I wanted to share some tips and meal ideas in today’s blog post! I had researched different diets like keto (my parents are still on it since October and have lost 25+lb!), paleo, weight watchers, etc. and ended up doing low carb because that’s how I lost weight after having Annabelle (although I had much less to lose).

Some background for you all before I dive into the meal ideas and tips:

  • I gained around 35-40lb with Scarlett (only 25lb with Annabelle), ate everything in sight, and wasn’t very healthy during this last pregnancy.
  • My goal weight was 128 so I had a ways to go – I still have 5lb to lose, but I know that will come off in time.
  • I didn’t want to join a very structured workout program, gym, or fitness class because I was all consumed with raising two babies still in diapers. I know women who do it, but I personally felt like it would overwhelm me to make a healthy lifestyle change AND workout consistently. I wanted to tackle one thing at a time so I focused on food first.

Change #1: I started taking regular supplements. I’ve loved Physician’s Choice for the last year (it’s where I get my Collagen Peptides for glowy skin!) because they are a reputable and high quality healthcare brand that only sells the best. I was looking to get a daily probiotic to help with immunity and digestive health and chose theirs because it has 60 billion live cultures in every serving, is organic/Non GMO, has 10 strains rather than 1-2 like most brands to promote bacterial balance in the gut, and a delated veggie capsule to resist stomach acid that sometimes happens decreasing the potency of supplements. It also has 3 prebiotic fiber sources and a patented shelf stable bottle to last longer. So far I’ve noticed such a difference in how I feel after meals and I’ve had way less bloating! I even got Doug to take them to with his breakfast! I also continue to take my prenatal with every meal.

Change #2: I stopped all soda and replaced it with carbonated water. I generally only drink La Croix, iced tea, lemon water, or milk now. Once a month I’ll treat myself to a soda instead of 3-4 times a week;)

Change #3: I did ‘low carb’ meaning I didn’t consume lots of bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. If I did eat bread, it would be one piece a day with peanut butter to satisfy my sweet tooth at night and now if I eat bread, I make it from scratch so it has no bad ingredients in it. ***Seriously, cutting out bread will do wonders!

Change #4: I stopped eating fast food and ate mostly at home. If we did go out, I’d have a salad. I also only ever bought wholesome and healthy foods from the grocery store and planned out each meal on Sundays while ordering Instacart (we shop at Sprouts) to be delivered on Monday!

Change #5: I tried my hardest to cut out “bad ingredients”. I used to eat BBQ sauce with every meal until I read the label and the first ingredient was high fructose corn syrup. I got rid of it! I now make sauces and salad dressings from scratch (unless there is an organic option at the store) and not only are they better for you/low carb, they taste 100x yummier! I also stopped buying creamer for coffee.

Change #6: I didn’t deprive myself. I ate everything in moderation. If my friends wanted to get ice cream, I’d get some, but only eat half. If I was still hungry after dinner, then I’d have tea or milk and peanut butter toast or crackers (this was only if I had a salad for dinner).

Change #6: I focused on what was inside my food rather than the amount of food. If all the food I was eating had clean ingredients, then I wouldn’t limit myself. Lots of green smoothies, nuts, healthy cookie recipes, etc.!

Change #7: I made sure my meals were ‘colorful’. I ate lots of veggies + a protein (necessary to keep me full).

I still have a few pounds to go, but but I already feel much better eating healthier especially because it means my family is healthy too! We still like to indulge occasionally, but everything in moderation! If you’re looking for more meal ideas, check out my Instagram highlight labeled ‘low carb’!:)

*A big thank you to Physician’s Choice for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Tammi says:

    It all looks delicious! and sounds very sensible. 🙂

  2. elizabeth says:

    Hey Hayley,
    Thanks for sharing! Do you grill up extra meat for your salads for dinner or grill it fresh? And do you have any filling but healthy ideas for someone who does not like avocado? I know, I shouldn’t be allowed to be a millennial 🙂

    Thank you!

  3. Keliana says:

    I think the important thing for any mom reading this to remember is that this is the MINORITY. For most women, even those who take good care of themselves, it takes about 9-12 months after baby to “bounce back” and is not generally an easy process. So awesome you were able to do it in such a short amount of time but it just sets women up to feel like they should be in a different place with their bodies postpartum because influencers show off how seemingly easy it is. Moms, take it slow. Worry about your body after you feel like you’re getting adequate sleep, enough self care and time to make sure you’re mentally healthy. Your body will come back and it won’t take just four months. It’s normal for it to take a while. Sorry for the rant. I just struggle with watching influencers making it look like something so daunting like pregnancy weight can be lost so easily. I truly love your page. Just want to encourage moms.

  4. Nadia Kalam says:

    Hi Hayley… thanks for sharing this weight loss tips… I am following since Annabelle was born… from then I love all of your real video…
    you mentioned that you prepare all your sauces n salad dressing from scratch…. could you plz share your recipes of sauces n salad dressing with us….

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