November 3, 2014

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LOFT Sweater(Similar)/ JCrew Chambray Buttondown/ Diophy Handbag(Loving This Option!)/ Express Skinnies/Rampage Quilted Boots(On Sale!)

In California, layering isn’t always a great option, especially when we’re in between that awkward period where everyone else in the United States seems to be in Fall and we’re of course stuck in Summer mode. This complicated and confused weather lasts for about a month. Dressing for Fall when it feels like Summer is a challenge those of us fashion obsessed and living in sunny CA face every year around this time. That’s why when I was approached to collaborate with Cynthia from Sensibly Sharp in doing a “light layering for Fall” post, I was on board immediately because she knows exactly how it is and is feeling the same way about her state! Cynthia and I met over the inter-webs and oddly have a lot in common. Although she lives in Georgia, she frequently flies to San Francisco for her job so California isn’t foreign to her. Cynthia and I both have parents from Texas, were in a sorority, studied Finance, and of course love fashion! When I first stumbled upon her blog, I was in shock to find someone with all the same interests that I have, especially because they are all in different areas. Some of my favorite posts of her’s are this post with her styling the cutest gingham button down and Hunter boots and this lifestyle post about a casual afternoon spent in her town, Atlanta. I love reading about all the differences about our states and how style  truly is a reflection upon a person’s background and interests.

For our collaborating, we wanted to give our tips and tricks on how to dress “Fall appropriate” when the weather hasn’t quite changed yet.

1. Incorporate lighter layers, that way your outfit doesn’t weigh you down on a hot day.

2. Play up Fall inspired colors, like maroon, emerald, and black.

3. A lightweight sweater over a chambray top is always my go-to because you can wear it with a skirt or skinny jeans and still get the feeling of Fall (see here).

4. Vests can be your best friend. Insert…the puffer vest. Pared with a button-down tee and jeans, its safe to say you won’t drown in a heavy jacket throughout the day.

5. Incorporate one heavily lined item at a time. In my outfit above, I chose a sweater from LOFT and kept the rest of the materials on the lighter side so it doesn’t get too hot throughout the day.

For more fashion tips and tricks, follow us below!

Southern Fashion Inspiratoin By Cynthia: IG, Twitter, FB, Bloglovin’, Pinterest

California Fashion Inspiration By Hayley: IG, Twitter, FB, Bloglovin‘, Pinterest

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  1. I love all of these looks. I would prefer having more summer weather than fall, though! Here in Kentucky I woke up to 28 degree weather, and with no heat in my office building, yay! I’ve got my layers on today 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I love how you paired the chambray with this statement sweatshirt. It’s such a cute and tailored look! I love it!

  3. Alex Quinn says:

    Great outfit – looks lovely!

    Alex // http://www.prettythoughtsx.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Mica says:

    Great layering tips! The stripes are so nice with the chambray shirt 🙂

    Away From The Blue

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