My Fashion Dreams Vs What I Can Afford

There are two parts of my inner style. One is reality and the other is what I can afford. I feel like growing up in Southern California has its limits in the fashion world because you are expected to be have a more beachy, casual look and I have none of that. I’m trapped between what I wish to own and what I can afford. My ideal wardrobe would be a combination of boho chic and floral prints, but it takes a lot of energy and money to fully pull off and own bohemian clothing. It’s hard to find here where I live and strangely, the more hobo it looks, the more expensive it is. So, I just stick to my preppy self because its fun and most of my shopping is done on impulse. I love JCrew, Kate Spade, Micheal Kors, Lilly Pulitzer of course, and the ever appealing Forever 21 for its abundance of affordable clothes. I love mixing the more expensive items I own with the cheaper ones and my strategy is to spend more of my money on purses, watches, jewelry, and shoes. It’s rare if I ever spend it on clothing because I think I can always find a great bargain! As I am approaching graduating college, my goal is to move away from the more premature clothing I tend to buy and gravitate towards an increasing sophisticated and understated look.



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