March 13, 2017

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Holy cow has my body changed. If I’m being 100% honest looking in the mirror sometimes shocks me even at two months postpartum! My boobs are no where near the same, my stomach still looks like I’m in the early stages of pregnancy, stretch marks line my sides, and my hair is falling out. Oh the joys of birthing a baby!!;) It took a while for me to feel comfortable in my skin again and I’m still not entirely all there. For me most of the beginning weeks/months of motherhood was spent in a nursing tank and shorts, so I ended up being fully aware of how my body had changed whether I liked it or not! At first the change was hard, but I’m starting to embrace my new “Mom-bod” because of how amazing it is for giving me Annabelle! I wanted to start doing outfit posts again because a lot of you guys always ask me where to get things and I also think it will force me to put together cute outfits, which was something I always liked doing before having Annabelle. I wore this top from my recent haul and my old trusty skinny jeans that I can finally fit into!

Top c/o | Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans | H&M Flats (Similar Here) | LV Neverfull | Bangle c/o | Necklace c/o | Daniel Wellington Watch c/o (15% off with code HAYLEYPAIGE) | Victoria Beckham Sunglasses c/o | Mac ‘Syrup’ Lipstick | Pixi Lip Lift Max ‘Petal Ice’ Lipgloss | Rimmel Nude Lipliner | Deborah Lipman ‘Blue Orchid’ Nail Polish

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  1. Natali says:

    You’re looking adorable in this casual outfit and I say yes to feeling good and confident no matter what your size is right now. It took your body 9 months to change and “deform” so you would give birth to a wonderful little human, so it will take it at least 9 months (natural way) to heal and shape back properly.
    You are so young and you won’t be hitting VS runway show tomorrow, so just try to chill and embrace your body with all of the changes. 🙂


  2. Raquel Claro says:

    It’s only been 2 month. Be pacient! Like NATALI said “It took your body 9 months to change and “deform” so you would give birth to a wonderful little human, so it will take it at least 9 months (natural way) to heal and shape back properly.”! Don’t stress about it. Exercise and drink a lot of water. I lost a lot of hair after my first child and after my second, my teeth sofered as well. Take Flexseed oil tabs to help with hair loss. Ask your doctor. It helped me a lot!!!

  3. Saher says:

    I totally understand..I am also a new mommy and getting into pre pregnanacy outfits struggle is real!

  4. Nicole says:

    I’ve recently been feeling the same I had my son January 1st and honestly pregnancy completely “destroyed” my body. I finally feel good in my own skin, even with stretch marks and flabby fat because it’s all from my son! Also I realllly enjoy your blogs/vlogs I love that you show your day to day life and don’t sugar coat anything or make it look perfect and that has helped me get back to my normal self. Keep being you xo

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