Preparing For A Newborn Checklist + Giveaway!

November 30, 2016

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I’ve received a ton of requests in my pregnancy update videos to share my checklist to prepare for our new baby so I thought I would share! I’m also partnering with up & up™ in today’s post to share with you a new diaper find and let you in on a giveaway for all my fellow Mommy followers where you can register here for free up & up™ diapers, sizes 3, 4, and 5!! There are a ton of different tasks that I’ve assigned to Doug and myself to accomplish before her due date (December 21st) and now that I’m full term we only have a few left to check off. It’s the perfect way to feel more prepared for your newborn and fulfill the urge to nest!preparing-for-a-newborn-checklist-2






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  1. Deep clean the house: We already steam cleaned our carpets and deep cleaned each room. Now we just have to keep it tidy for the next few weeks!;)
  2. Stock up on diapers: I wanted to make sure that I stock up for at least the first few weeks with newborn essentials and I knew diapers were first on my list of things to buy. As a new Mom I’m always on the hunt for the most convenient and cost effective products that are going to make the transition to motherhood that much easier so I went with these up & up™ diapers to start. After reading about all the types of diapers and what to look for, I loved that these had a breathable outer cover so it helps your baby’s skin stay drier for longer while remaining super soft with their quilted absorbent material. Something that I also liked was the hypoallergenic inner lining on sizes newborn through 2 because I know newborn babies have the most sensitive skin. The last thing that sold me was the price! With jumbo packs at just $4.99, I knew I would be repurchasing them again and again especially with their cute designs. You can register here for free up & up™ diapers, sizes 3, 4, and 5!
  3. Have all newborn essentials ready to use: I used this list to help purchase the necessities like a bassinet, sleepers for nighttime, wipes, a baby bathtub, diaper cream, etc.
  4. Wash all her clothes, blankets, sheets, etc. in baby safe detergent: This took forever to do, but now I feel more comfortable putting everything in it’s proper place now that I know she can actually wear her clothing and her skin not be irritated.
  5. Pack three hospital bags (Doug, myself,  and baby): I’ll be posting a video on what I packed next week!:)
  6. Install carseat: Doug still needs to do this! I’m making it my mission to complete this today:)
  7. Attend a breastfeeding/labor class: We’ve been to two free classes at our hospital and they were super helpful!
  8. Tour the hospital/ meet with doctor: This happens in a few days and I’m so excited!
  9. Get the TDAP & Flu shot: Done and it hurt!
  10. Choose a pediatrician: Still have to look into this.
  11. Set up health insurance for baby: Done.
  12. Complete nursery: Just waiting on one more piece to complete the room and I’ll be doing a nursery tour before she’s born.
  13. Maternity photoshoot at 9 months pregnant: Scheduled for this Sunday.
  14. Stock up on household items and personal supplies: I wanted to do this so we could avoid having to make unnecessary trips to the store when she arrives. Items like pantry staples, medicine, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.!
  15. Purchase/make freezer meals for when baby arrives: Thank you so much for your suggestions in this vlog! I’m planning on going to Trader Joes to stock up on freezer meals this weekend.
  16. Write a note from Doug and I to our new baby as a keepsake: I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks, but I thought it was such a sweet idea that she could look back on our experiences before she was born!

*A big thank you to Target up & up™ Diapers for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Hannah Will says:

    I will have to save this post for a couple years:) Would you consider doing a post about where you get your sponsored posts (YouTube and blog) as part of your blogging series? Lovely post as always!

  2. Alyse Sykes says:

    Your dress is too cute! Can you and/or have you shared what you do to work at home besides vlog/blog/YouTube? Help a fellow preggers out!

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