Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For The All Natural Gal!

December 19, 2016

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Ever since I became pregnant I’ve been more interested in trying out all natural skincare and health products. This is partly because I know organic products are safer throughout pregnancy, but also because I don’t want to be exposing my new baby to harmful substances when she’s born. So far I’ve tried a few different natural skincare products, organic cleaning products mentioned here, a new natural mattress and bedding, and laundry detergent. Throughout these past nine months of being pregnant, I’ve gotten a few of my family members and friends into trying organic products so in today’s post I’m teaming up with Organic Doctor to put together a last minute stocking stuffer gift guide for the natural girl in your life!

  • Rose Otto Facial Serum c/o: I’m gifting this particular product to my Mom because she loves facial serums, but what girl doesn’t! This gentle, light-textured facial oil has so many amazing natural ingredients. A few of my favorites being Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E/C. After trying it out I love that it absorbs quickly into your skin leaving a soft, toned feeling. I also love that all the Organic Doctor products are available at CVS too! Perfect for the shopper on a budget.
  • Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa c/o: I talked about this product in my pregnancy hygiene and skincare routine video and have been using it ever since! It has made such a huge difference in the texture of my skin and since it comes with three different heads, it’s perfect for treating acne.
  • Olive Oil Skin Lotion c/o: It’s no secret I love body oils, especially during the dry winter months. This all over body moisturizer is perfect for intense hydration and seriously makes your skin feel super soft! It has Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Grape Vine Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin A, C and E, Apple Extract, Blackcurrant Extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Thyme Extract and Fennel Extract.
  • Grace & Stella 1-in-1 Body Exfoliating Brush & Massager c/o: I’ve only really started using this product within the past two weeks and I’m already hooked! I’ve never actually used an exfoliating brush before and let me tell you, it’s perfect for getting off that extra self tanner and really cleansing your skin! I also love the long handle making it great for hard to reach areas.
  • Organic Snail Gel c/o: When I first tried this product out I was instantly skeptical because of the name. I hadn’t ever heard of anything like it! After only a few uses I began to notice a huge difference in the texture of my skin. It’s moisturizing gel formula utilizes the benefits of Helix Aspersa Muller, a unique substance the snail produces to quickly nourish its own shell and skin. Combined with organic Aloe Vera and a blend of bioactive ingredients, it soothes and hydrates the skin.

*A big thank you to Organic Doctor and Mom It Forward Influencer Network for sponsoring today’s post!

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  1. Megan Hector says:

    Hi Hayley! I love all natural beauty products too! If you are interested in finding more non-toxic, and safer beauty products check out my personal BeautyCounter store, , to shop some amazing skincare and makeup. You can also learn more about how BeautyCounter has banned more than 15,000 unsafe chemicals from their products!

    btw, I love your posts and videos! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

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