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A still from my recent summer look book I honestly can’t believe it’s almost August. Am I the only one craving fall this bad? I think because I’ve lived in California my whole life, I desperately love any kind of season…even if we get that in the form of a few days of rain and […]

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Paint swatches for wedding decor inspiration & a much needed wedding planning book This week went by so quickly I don’t even remember it starting! I spent a few days at my parents house and it was nice to get to relax and spend time with them. It’s funny how once you have moved out of […]

Wedding Planning


This weekend was particularly productive. I caught up on all my blog posts(and videos) for the next week, spent quality time with my family, and reorganized my closet(which was MUCH overdue). This weekend consisted of… 8:00am | Beginning a Sunday ritual of a three mile jog on the beach 11:30am | Trying out a rented camera lens and just […]

Weekend Hours


The makings of my new and improved office nook! Fresh flowers in our bright kitchen. Ocean views on a clear day. My growing obsession with Ralph Lauren mugs. The helpful abundance of closet space throughout the apartment complimented with my new garment rack, which is surprisingly very sturdy. We’ve finally moved to Los Angeles! After heavily […]

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