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Dress c/o  For me pregnancy was rough! Growing up I had always heard that it was this magical time where soon to be Mother’s had this special glow and were just full of love and happiness…and then the realness hit aka morning sickness. It was terrible! For the first four months I was impaired and after […]

All The Essentials You Need To Survive Pregnancy

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Happy Thanksgiving friends! First off, thank you all SO MUCH for checking out my new blog and signing up for my newsletter! I couldn’t believe the amount of people that signed up, it was overwhelming! In Wednesday’s post where I talked all about the struggles of putting yourself out there on the internet, I also included […]

How Pregnancy Has Changed Me


I’m so happy to say I’m almost completely over my morning sickness (insert Angels singing here). I was so scared that I would be nauseous on my wedding day, but God blessed me once again and allowed me to feel perfectly normal and stress free. A lot of my viewers commented how calm I looked […]

20 Week Pregnancy Update


I can’t believe we’re pregnant! Well…I’m definitely the one experiencing pregnancy symptoms so I never understood why people say “we’re pregnant” haha. It took me a while to wrap my head around it since we weren’t planning on it, but we’re more than excited to say the least. We both knew we wanted children shortly after […]

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