February 24, 2019

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Now that we live in a three bedroom, the girls “share” a room! Well, lets be honest. I cosleep for at least the first year of my girl’s life so really it’s Annabelle’s with Scarlett’s monogram occasionally shown on blankets and trinkets haha I wanted to document their little space in our new home and also do a photoshoot with them while they are still so small and I thought I’d share!

Annabelle has seriously warmed right up to the idea that she’s a big sister! It definitely took her some time and a few bats on the head (lol), but she’s now so empathetic to “Scarlee’s” cries and always helps with diaper changes! I can tell she really loves her sister.

Now that Annabelle has her own room, I’ve been debating on whether or not to get her a big girl bed (as in a proper bed and not a mattress on the floor!) She’s never slept in a crib, so the transition to her own room wasn’t as difficult because we just lay with her to sleep and she stays all night! Sometimes she wakes up because she rolls off the bed so I’m wondering she bed railings will even contain her because she’s such a wild sleeper!

We set up the crib when we moved in because I wasn’t sure if I would use it and then I realized…nope, cribs aren’t for me lol. I love snuggling next to my babies all day (when I can;)!

I still can’t believe how alike they look! To me, their personalities even as babies are so so different, but only I’d see that;) Little Douglettes!

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