July 10, 2015

Wedding Planning


Paint swatches for wedding decor inspiration & a much needed wedding planning book

This week went by so quickly I don’t even remember it starting! I spent a few days at my parents house and it was nice to get to relax and spend time with them. It’s funny how once you have moved out of your family home you start to remember and appreciate the little things that are special about it. All of those years of growing up in the same house has made me jaded to its memories until I moved out for good – the fresh greenery and flowers my Dad purchased monthly from Flower Delivery Cork and then planted around the home which has created a sanctuary for all the birds and bunnies in the neighborhood, the serenity of living on a cul de sac, or the happy feeling you get when you’re immediately greeted by loved ones. These are the little reminders of what I have to look forward to when I go to create a happy space for my future family.


New floor length mirror for ootd’s 😉


Italian leather + handstiched design c/o Patricia Nash


The cutest invites c/o Lilee

berries-farmers-marketFresh fruit from the Manhattan Beach farmer’s market

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  1. Stephanie says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand-stitched drawstring bag!


  2. sammie says:

    Super cute impressions.
    Building a new home is definitely not only about buying a house or a flat,the surroundings play such an important role as well


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