Being A Working Mom & Balancing It All

November 9, 2018

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To be clear, I’ve never really considered myself a working Mom, until recently. For many of you who have followed me throughout the years, you’ll know up until Annabelle was around one year old I ran my channel as a side hobby so I could focus on her first year of life. I cherish those moments even when I wanted to pull out my hair because it took all day to film a video with an attached baby on my hip or climbing up my legs. I remember thinking, “she’s only a baby for a year,” so Doug and I made a conscious decision for me to grow my platforms and raise Annabelle while he brought in most all of the income.

It wasn’t until May of this year when it hit me, “I’m a working Mom!” I had been creating content for over a year directed at stay at home Moms like myself. Once the transition happened for my family where I was relied upon to bring in an income, the dynamic changed and how I viewed myself as a Mom shifted. I agree 10,000% that being a stay at home Mom is a full time job because if you hired someone to do it for you (as in a nanny), you’d pay big time. However, being relied upon to bring in an income while balancing motherhood was definitely a different experience for me for a few reasons. First off, the Mom guilt. I had never truly experienced it, other than when I had to supplement with formula early on against my wishes. If you watched my channel back then you’ll know those days were rough! I am aware that the mothers who work 8-5, five days a week go through a whole new level of Mom guilt. They truly are super Moms, but even having to work away from your child a few hours a week gives you a dose of what this so called “Mom guilt” I had always heard about is.

For those of you who have been following since Annabelle’s birth, you’ll know I barely ever left her. In fact, we just had our first “date night” which lasted an hour while my parents watched her this year. It’s not that I don’t trust anyone to watch her, it’s more that I felt guilty leaving her when all she had known was us. Because of this fear/anxiety, I had hardly any time for self-care. My other Mom friends were telling me “a happy Mom is a happy child” and it’s so true. Whether it’s taking a few hours for yourself once a week to go to the gym, get your nails done, or walk around the grocery store ALONE, it’s necessarily for mental health or at least it is for me (and Doug).

Now that I am relied upon to bring in an income, I no longer have the option to choose to be away from her because it became increasingly clear once she hit 18 months that working from home with a toddler is impossible in almost every way. Here are few things that have helped me get things done and I wanted to share since I’m always asked:

  • Working during her naps: This was so much easier during her first year since she slept a lot more and now that she only has one nap, I hustle to film during that time and edit at nighttime.
  • Wake her up early so she can have an earlier bedtime: I do this so I’m able to get in an hour of work at night and it has seriously helped! I’ve started waking her at 6am with her bedtime at 8pm.
  • Get help: I mentioned this on Instagram this week, but we hired someone to help watch Annabelle three times a week for a couple hours and oh man has it been life changing! Although at first it was very overwhelming for me being in my third trimester with crazy hormones, I worked through it (I only cried the first 2 times – she never cried or whined!). We’ve been taking her for the past month and she now loves it!! She even asks to go everyday!

Four days a week I watch Annabelle alone while Doug works and we get to spend quality time together which I feel like is so necessary before baby #2 arrives any day now! We love to get outside since we work from home and Charleston is the prettiest city to explore. We took these pictures in Old Mount Pleasant (one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I’ve ever seen!). We are still loving our Safety 1st RIVA Flex Modular 6-in-1 Travel System for strolls around the neighborhood because, even at 40 weeks pregnant, it’s so easy for me to take in and out of my car since it’s so lightweight. I talked more about it in this post, but it will be perfect for the new baby because it comes with a detachable lie-flat carriage! I love throwing my diaper backpack on the bottom storage caddy because it holds everything perfectly. Not to mention the stroller also comes with a car seat making it an amazing deal for new Moms!

I couldn’t be happier for the fact that I get to work and spend most of my days with my children. It truly is a dream job! Although having the discipline to separate work time from family time has definitely been a challenge, but I find having structure to my days helps immensely! I know life will be even crazier with two under 2 and I’m excited to share with you guys the journey of it all!

*This post is sponsored by Dorel Juvenile Group.

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  1. Haley says:

    You’re the most beautiful pregnant mommy. You look adorable in all of your outfits.

  2. Hannah says:

    Being a mommy of a toddler and also being pregnant while running your own business doesn’t have to be easy at all.

  3. Jane says:

    Truly a champ, to be able to juggle entrepreneurship and being a mom. You go, girl!

  4. Happy mom is the prettiest! And I see the glow in you and your bump. God bless your family

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