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Even though its winter everywhere else in the world, that never stops Cali from being sunny and 75 degrees. Thats how it was today in Huntington Beach. I celebrated one of my friends 25th birthday and we had an amazing time! My boyfriend Doug and I walked along the beach and enjoyed the last few days of this perfect weather until the temperature drops again (maybe to 60? haha). I swear when the weather gets cooler, the people in Southern California think the worlds about to end or something. My Dad even says he feels like he’s in a tunnel during the ONE month we have slightly chilly weather. I love living in this state. I used to want to move to a place with more greenery or city life, but now that I’ve gotten older I have learned to appreciate all the things this state has to offer within such a short distance.

One of the easiest ways to feel classically feminine is mixing prints. I love the nautical striped shirt paired with the 50’s inspired skirt in this outfit.  Pairing these clashing prints in this particular look, mimics a certain vintage glam that’s effortlessly styled, yet classically feminine. The mid length skirt and knotted top reminds me of the more vintage style back in the 1950’s, where waist lines were emphasized, skirts were full, and the hourglass shape was glorified. Here’s a modern day twist thats a bit more accessible and a lot more affordable.

Mixing prints isn’t always easy, so here’s a few guidelines that are simple to follow and can help you create your version of glam:

1.Add minimal accessories

2.Stick to forgiving shapes (aka: the flattering, the better)

3.Choose prints with complimenting colors

4.Stripes and polka dots are basically neutrals, they can go with anything!

5.There’s a 2 print maximum

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