It’s funny how trends come in and out. More often than not, I don’t follow trends exactly. When it comes to fashion, I wear what I feel most comfortable in and what makes the most sense. I love however, the power that trends can have on a memory or era. For instance, when I was little my mom was always wearing this specific tweed blazer to work. It had a bunch of different colors mixed in. I remember thinking to myself, that jacket was something I would never wear and should be burned! Yet, here I am today wearing tweed about ten years later. I don’t think certain trends really ever go in and out of style. They just hibernate for a while until some big name fashion designer picks them back up again. It’s funny looking back now that I’m wearing almost exactly what my mother wore ten years ago to work each day and the fact that I feel myself in it shows how not only does fashion evolve, but it somehow always stays the same too.

There’s something about being in the mountains. It’s as if your in a magical land where you don’t quite belong. The crisp clean air, lush greenery, hidden trails, and peaceful surroundings truly put me at ease. Being amongst the wildlife and sprawling mountains make the minuscule problems of daily life seem insignificant and that’s exactly what Felton, CA does for me. After spending a few days in Santa Cruz, Doug and I visited his grandparents. The first time we trekked up the mouton side and into their quaint cottage of a house surrounded by redwoods, I was in awe. Nestled amongst the trees was this perfect home. Once stepping inside, I truly felt like the mountains were the perfect escape from reality.

Modcloth Bag(similar)/ Old Navy Diva PantsOld Navy White Top/ Flats(similar)/ Nordstrom Jacket(similar)/ Kate Spade Gramercy Watch


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