Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

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Stemming from my lace up flats obsession, these sandals recently entered my wardrobe and I pretty much haven’t been wearing anything else. I have been wanting gladiator sandals for the longest time, but felt that the one’s I’ve seen were a bit too chunky and not feminine enough for me. Since I’m 5’3, I have to be very careful with shoes so they don’t make me look shorter than I already am (aka – short girl problems). All the lace up sandals I’ve tried on either went way too far up my leg or had too many straps. When I saw these suede camel colored sandals, they were perfect for what I was looking for! I paired them with this breezy floral maxi dress because it has been SO HUMID lately! Since we live at the beach, it rarely gets over 80 degrees and that’s with little to no humidity, but for some reason I feel like I live in the South and the mugginess is definitely not something I’m used to! You can even see it in my hair in these pics! I’m wishing it was fall already because I love the change in seasons. What little change we get in CA;)

Asos Suede Tie Leg Sandals | Asos Floral Split Maxi Beach Dress | Acetate Sunglasses | Bag c/o Patricia Nash


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