Last Weekend…

boater hat 2A still from my recent summer look book

I honestly can’t believe it’s almost August. Am I the only one craving fall this bad? I think because I’ve lived in California my whole life, I desperately love any kind of season…even if we get that in the form of a few days of rain and the occasional falling leaves. I’ve already put out my pumpkin spice candle (you NEED to smell it if you haven’t from Bath & Body Works). Maybe it’s because I’m running out of summer clothes or because my apartment is starting to warm up a bit (my landlady says no one by the ocean has air conditioning), but I’m counting down the days until tights and boots are in season! It’s funny how weather determines so much about our lifestyle.

Doug and I were discussing where and when we are going to purchase a home one day and the first thing that was discussed was the location and weather. We are pretty spoiled when it comes to not having to battle the elements. Although we were filming my summer look book video and it started pouring rain on us! That hasn’t ever happened to me before in California during the summer. God must have been laughing at us that day! It was the strange, hot rain that I’ve only felt a few times in my life and even though it ruined the last few clips of the video, it made for a fun experience that we never get.

red-gingham-apronThe cutest red gingham apron as a present from my Mom parfume-summerSweet summer scents: Philosophy ‘Pure Grace’ | Victoria’s Secret ‘Fresh & Clean’ | Michael Kors ‘Very Hollywood’ img_7281Beverly Hills evergreen tree lined streets




    • July 27, 2015 / 7:40 pm

      I’ve been wearing it a lot because its so easy to pair with everything! Thanks for reading Mahryska:)

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