October 5, 2017

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She hates pumpkins so much!? Eyeing all the pumpkins… “Heck no I’m not touching them!”

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 Hi Friends!! Today I day 4 of Vlogtober and I’m so happy to be sharing this month with you all! In today’s vlog, we visited Annabelle’s first pumpkin patch and it was a total fail. I barely vlogged any of it because anytime we put her near a pumpkin she would cry! When we first walked in we sat her next to one to snap a pic and she was literally shaking with fear!:( At first I felt so bad, but it was a little funny in the end that she’s so scared of a fruit.? Of course, Doug took it sooo seriously and told me to hurry up so we can leave haha. I managed to take these pictures really quick! I’m not going to lie, this pumpkin patch was kind of lame because it was in a parking lot at a mall. That’s what LA living is like! I haven’t mentioned anything yet in the vlogs, but we’re planning on moving soon!:O Hopefully to a place with more outdoors and fun activities for Annabelle, although we do LOVE the beach!!

P.S. I also put up A’s 9-month baby update today!

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  1. Betty M says:

    The same thing happened to me the first time I took my eldest to the pumpkin patch! Oh, and don’t get me started with Santa, hopefully this year I’ll be able to finally get a real Christmas picture after almost 3 years, lol!!

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