April 25, 2019

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Hi friends! I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so I thought, why not! Today’s post is allll about sharing what really went on behind a few seemingly perfectly curated Instagram images. I love breaking down the stereotypical Youtuber aesthetic and showing you the reality of what goes on behind the scenes! Here’s the last post I did on it!

Ahh you guys I love being a Mom!! I know the title of this post may suggest otherwise, but seriously moments like this are so special. I took my big camera to snap some pictures of Annabelle on the beach, and only ended up taking this one because I knew putting her in the spotlight would ruin the moment of basking in the beauty that is the beach. I think a lot of people might assume taking pictures for social media (especially with toddlers) seems easy, but it’s far from it. I actually made a decision this past week to not accept anymore paid collaborations that involve taking pictures of my children. If they want to be in it willingly, then thats ok, but I will never force them! It’s something I feel so good about.

This was on Doug’s 28th birthday- the day I surprised him with a trip to K1 Speed with his friends and sushi for dinner! I actually booked something called “Omakase” which is a multiple course Japanese meal where the chef chooses what you eat. It was soooo $275! I know…insanity, well for us at least. We’ve never ever splurged on a meal in our lives, but I thought why not! I hate to be a downer, but I learned something that day, we both did. We don’t need to spend money to be happy! While the food was mind blowingly good, we have just as much fun at home. We also had our friends babysit Annabelle and we missed her the whole time!

When I see this picture I think two things…one that Scarlett is so cute, but also the feelings that went into taking it. This was three months postpartum and I felt..yucky! With 15 pounds to lose at the time, stretch marks lining my sides, and my postpartum hair starting to fall out, it was hard to take this. I never want insecure feelings to dictate my life or my job and obviously I didn’t have to take this sponsored photo unless I wanted to, but I knew that it’s important to not be perfect looking on social media. Not everyone is stick thin with a perfect tan! lol

Ah this post gives me all the feels. This was the day we went to view daycares for Annabelle. I’ve never really addressed our decision since so I thought I would here! We decided not to put her in daycare. My Mom watches Annabelle once a week and I cram everything I can into that one day and I know not hiring someone or putting her in daycare is tough because it means we have to work late nights/etc., but I can’t trade this time with her for anything. She’s only 2 years old once and since I get to make that decision, I’m choosing this one at the moment and when my Mom fully retires she can help a few days here and there.

I haven’t fully announced it yet, but I’m launching a Youtube series with a new website! Doug and I have been working on it for the last month and it’s almost ready to launch (hopefully next week). I had to really think about what makes me most passionate and it’s teaching other people how to make money. Creating an income for my family online has been the biggest blessing and so life changing so it would be the best gift I could ever give! The best way I know how is through Youtube! After receiving countless emails over the years from women who want me to mentor them or give advice on their channel, I knew this was the right path to take. I’m so excited!!

I took this pic on a day I filmed 5 videos!! I know, insanity. Well, you know how crazy it is if you’re a Youtuber. The best thing about Youtube is that you can pre-film videos and not work for a week! Well, I’m still working on my laptop, but not having to film. This was right before we visited NorCal. I also set up my office space (still need to paint the other half of the room white lol) and it feels so good to have a dedicated room to film in now!

This was on Easter Sunday in my parents backyard. There’s no juicy details behind this picture, other than this was probably the best day we’ve all had in a long time! No work, no stress, lots of homemade food, and family. Oh…and a brand new bubble machine Annabelle’s dying to get at behind the camera. What could be better!?

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