August 28, 2017

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I'm Hayley β€” helping moms do more in every aspect of their life. Mom of 3, entrepreneur, and homeschooler!

Meet Hayley

Blouse | Denim Skirt (LOVE!!! My fave skirt ever! Sucks you in so much:) |Β Necklace c/o | Annabelle’s Onesie, Pants c/o | Bow-from a friend!

Happy Thursday friends! I’m so happy to be blogging again! For those of you who read my newsletter last Sunday, you’ll know that I’m focusing my attention on doing things that make me happy instead of things that I assume people want to see! For a while, I was putting up content that I wasn’t truly passionate about and the pressure I put on myself to meet everyone’s expectations was bringing me down so I’ve decided to do what I love and those two things are blogging and vlogging! I love taking pictures, writing (even though I’m a terrible writer;), and daily vlogging. I’d much rather share Doug, Annabelle, and I’s day over a cleaning routine or tutorial so that’s what I’m going to do for a while! I do have a few videos that I’ve prefilmed for brands that aren’t the regular vlog, but after that, I’ve decided I’m not taking on anymore “staged” videos and it feels soooo freeing!! I think you guys will like this change because the majority of you like lifestyle content anyways:) There are some big changes on the horizon for our little family that I don’t want to talk too much on just yet (I always think I’ll jinx myself!), but I’m excited to use this platform to share more with you all!

One of my biggest goals for the next few months is to do 1 giveaway a week! I love sharing new brands with you guys and I want to give back to my subscribers and readers as much as I can. In today’s giveaway, I partnered up with Brilliant Bumble Bee to give away $50 worth of toys/books/whatever else you want on their site to one of you! Here are the rules to enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram
  2. Follow Brilliant Bumble Bee on Instagram
  3. Comment below!

P.S. I’m editing my pictures differently, do you like it?

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  1. Shanice says:

    Yaay! I am excited to see more vlogs! It’s good to know you are doing what you love to do on your channel. I dont know about everyone else, but I learn and pick up alot more advice and ideas in a vlog because the context is such a wide range.

    I am excited for the change! Go Johnson Family ??

  2. Eunice Aguirre says:

    Hey Hayley,

    Truthfully, I just about watch anyone of your videos. I don’t care what you’re doing in it, I just enjoy being part of your family! If you cleaned, shared makeup info, or did an ootd on your vlog while living normal life is good enough for me! What I enjoy about your videos is the fact that I feel I’m there. I feel like I know you guys and are friends with you and and your family! I enjoy seeing Annabelles first reactions to a new fruit or just yours and Doug’s take on life or a specific situation. As a mom with a 5 month old, I kinda use you guys as a “guide” for what to do with my little one, or see if he’s just about meeting his milestones, or to hear your guys’ take/advice on a parenting issue. (Also love the FB group for this!) Anyway, thank you for helping out this new mama simply because you decided to make your life public!

  3. Shelby says:

    Hey Hayley! I found your youtube page not to long ago and ended up binge watching all you vlogs. I just love how real you are and I love getting the perspective of a first time mom; I am 25 years old and a first time mom also. Some of the other youtubers I watch have multiple kids and seem to have the perfect days and nights. So watching you and knowing Im not the only mom having troubles breastfeeding or getting my baby to sleep makes me feel better. Keep making the videos you love because all your viewers love you!

  4. Maryam says:

    Hi Hayley! Love your videos! My baby is a month younger than Annabelle so it gives me a good idea of what to expect and be ready for when I watch your videos! Love your hair and the change of scenery in this video! Hope I win this giveaway!

  5. Katherine says:

    Love watching your videos of you and your family ❀️I just found you not too long ago and now I just followed you on instagram. I have 5 children, two of them are two month old twins. My older kids are much older so if I could win some toys for my twins that would be amazing ?

  6. Kryssy Workman says:

    I love watching your vlogs and videos! I’m currently expecting my first little one, and seeing your output and experiences with Annabelle puts my mind at ease. You’re such a great mama, keep it up!

  7. Ashley says:

    Seriously love you guys!! So glad you’re choosing what is best for you and your family despite what everyone else may want! That’s awesome. πŸ™‚

  8. Rebecca says:

    Love watching your videos!! Definitely do more vlogs. I followed you and the company on Instagram as well! My account is @beckahicks

  9. Katie says:

    I love your vlogs, keep them up. I also enjoy the different content such as budgeting using Dave Ramsey’s guidelines. Of course having a baby of a similar age helps too, I feel like we are going through the same things!

  10. Gigi says:

    Hi Hayley,

    Love your new pictures. I’d love to win the brilliant bumble bee gc. I am a stay at home mom and love playing with my baby girl. I’m glad to hear you went with your hearts desires and are sticking to vlogging your daily life istead of the more structured videos. Anyway love watching your channel. Blessings to you and your adorable family. Xoxo, Gigi

  11. Cari A says:

    I enjoy watching all your videos! Just do what your heart tells you!!! I love getting great tips and advice for my 6 month old!

    • Cari A says:

      And ps yes I do like the new editing for your pictures! Seeing all your great photos encourages me to take more of my baby πŸ™‚

  12. Tracy says:

    I love your blog. I’ve been watching vlog for ages.
    I’m resurecting mine next week.
    If I was to. Win the toy voucher I would send it to a friend in Utah who had just found out they’re expecting their. 7th baby. I’m sure it would be loved. They have just moved there. She also vloggs.
    epic Brandon family.

  13. Heather K says:

    I am so glad that I’m not alone with the whole baby led weaning! I was all for it until I gave my son a gerber baby puff for the first time and he choked (not like fully, but coughing) after that I just want to shove everything into a blender first. LOL. And I started loving wooden toys! Easy to clean and baby LOVES to chew on them to soothe his aching gums. Thank you for giving us a chance to win baby goodies ?β™₯️

  14. Aliviah says:

    Keep the baby videos coming! I’m expecting in the next few weeks and I love seeing what I have to look forward to, and the advice!

  15. Kenzie says:

    I have a 10 month old and would love to win this giveaway!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for this awesome blog post! Love the 8 month old update video too πŸ™‚ Annabelle is so stinking cute!

  16. Paris Jerry says:

    I’m so glad that you prefer vlogging because those are my favorite videos you post! I love seeing you and Doug’s daily life with Annabelle! ?

  17. Kelsey says:

    I absolutely love watching your content! I started watching when I was 8 months pregnant and have loved every video!

  18. Yay! My 2 month old reads the animal book with me everyday! His favorite is the baby chimpanzee! ? Excited for you to do what you’re passionate about! Now that I’m FINALLY starting to establish a routine, more videos are going to go up on our channel: @dougandbrandy

  19. Rav says:

    Hi Hayley!

    I originally found you through your blogger series back when I had just started thinking about blogging myself. I love how real you are in your vlogs and even my husband will watch your vlogs with me sometimes when our baby girl is sleeping at night. I can’t wait to watch more videos and am so happy that you prefer vlogging over sit down videos because those are our favorites!

  20. Yesenia Ochoa says:

    Hi Hayley! Absolutely love your videos! My son is 4 months old I love seeing your videos and blog post on Annabelle! Hope to win the giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Katie Schwartz says:

    Hi Hayley! Love watching your monthly updates! My daughter Brooklyn is two month old. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Julianna Salinas says:

    So glad you decided to do more vlogging! I personally love your vlogs. Also thanks for doing so many giveaways!

  23. Samantha says:

    I love all of your vlogs. I wish you did them everyday like you did in June. But I know it’s a lot of work with a baby.

  24. Samantha says:

    I love all of your vlogs. I wish you did them everyday like you did in June. But I know it’s a lot of work with a baby. It’s nice you are doing giveaways so often.

  25. Paige says:

    I love watching you guys-you have the cutest little family! Your videos have been so helpful throughout my pregnancy and we are learning what to expect when our baby girl arrives this December!

  26. Melissa Rojewski says:

    Thank you for staying true to your self, sharing your life & content that you are passionate about! As a new mama I have gleaned a lot of motherhood tips and encouragement from your blog & channel. Loving the give back spirit! Brilliant Bumble Bee is such a sweet shop.

  27. Michelle Contreras says:

    Hi Hayley, Annabelle and you too Doug ?,
    I absolutely love watching your videos and adore watching Annabelle grow. She’s so stinking cute! I have a 5 month old daughter named Isabella Rose ? So obviously I appreciate your advice as a mommy of a daughter. I have 3 boys as well. Anyway, keep up the hard work. Yes, I like how you’re editing your pics.

    xoxo -Michelle C.

  28. Gaby says:

    Annabelle looks gorgeous!

  29. Marley says:

    Your baby updates are making me want baby #2 sooner rather than later! Love your product recommendations for little ones. Also love that you talked about The Total Money Makeover because it has helped a lot with our family budgeting. It’s a huge deal when you have little ones! Xo

  30. Marisa says:

    I just love your channel! I feel like we are friends ha. But I totally understand about the no more stages videos. I have an etsy shop and just had a baby 6 weeks ago. I also have a 6 year old and a 4 year old. I kept getting so many orders (which I totally thankful for) but it got to a point where it’s like what’s more important? Spending time with my kids or stressing out about orders and making money. It’s all about finding the right balance. I decided I’m not taking on any custom orders right now and it does feel so good!!
    But anyways I love your little fam and I can’t believe how fast time is going!!


  31. Haley Gilchrist says:

    I absolutely LOVE watching your videos! I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old so Im obsessed with watching your updates on Annabelle and vlogs. Cutest family! ?

  32. Lina Colson says:

    I love your blog and your channel! I am due in 7 weeks to have my first baby girl and love hearing about your journey raising Annabelle. Thank you for everything!

  33. Casey says:

    I love watching your YouTube videos! I’m a soon to be first time mom so I love how real you are in your videos with all of your baby/family/life updates πŸ™‚ And yes, I like the way you’re editing your pictures! <3

  34. Cristina says:

    I love your daily routine videos anyway ❀️❀️ Xoxo

  35. Melissa Keyes says:

    Love love love your videos! I got really into them when I was pregnant! I found you through the “what nobody tells you about pregnancy” video and have been hooked ever since! Love that you do giveaways! My 3 month old is finally starting to take interest in toys! So I’m starting to look into some that are age appropriate if you will! Anyways love your videos. I showed my husband the birth video where Doug was like “I have feelings for her too” when he wanted to take her while you were eating and now my husband says that to me all of the time when I’m being greedy with our daughter ha ha!

  36. Jessica E says:

    I am so excited to hear what your big changes are! I absolutely love your daily vlogs and I am so happy to hear that will be your focus. I am just so glad I found your vlog while I am pregnant πŸ™‚ I feel like you have helped me so much!

  37. Lauravine Padonou says:

    I love your videos. They give me ideas with my baby routine.

  38. Adriana says:

    Love your vlogs. You look so pretty in this video and I just adore your little family πŸ™‚ love the new editing too!

  39. Ang says:

    Enjoy your videos! My Little one is 7 months old…

  40. Angelica Elias says:

    I love your vlogging style and cant wait for more vlogs to come. I started watching your videos when I was pregnant, now my daughter is a month old. I relate to alot of your videos as I was/am going through the same things with my daughter in your back videos, they are so helpfully. You are an amazing mom and wife.

    Love from South Carolina.

  41. Evette Santiago says:

    Hello from Kissimmee, Fl. Hi Hayley, I started watching your YouTube vlogs not to long ago and I have to say I love your little family. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I can’t wait to meet my baby boy. I have to say that every time you guys eat something I end up craving it the next day, lol. So happy I found you on youtube, I enjoy every single one of your videos. God bless you and ur little family.

  42. Alexis Lewandowski says:

    New mommy here! My son is just over a month old and I am here for all the tips I can get. Im excited to join your community and watch that cutie grow!

  43. Sydney says:

    I have been watching you guys for a while now basically sence I found out I was having a baby and was looking up youtube videos on pregnancy and it led me to one of your videos it’s crazy seeing how much your little one has grown in this time , your channel has given me a idea of what to expect with how much a baby will change and grow ! Love your channel and how real you guys are, hope you do vlogmus this year (:

  44. Shannon Arbogast says:

    Im so happy you are doing more Vlogs and connecting them to your Blog posts. It always reminds me to read your Blog after I watch. Thank you for always sharing your life with us. As a soon to be Auntie your posts are getting me more excited to see my little nephew.

  45. evaaa_marr says:

    Hi Hayley! I came across your YouTube channel shortly after you had Annabelle and I’ve been hooked ever since! I believe I gravitated towards you because I empathize the fact you had a c-section and I know how tough and nerve wrecking it is, as I also had one! Anyways, as a subscriber of your blog/vlog I love the content and your intake. I look forward to see what the future has in store for your sweet family ? & future giveaways!

  46. America says:

    Your videos are preparing me for motherhood! I love how sincere you are and love watching Annabelle grow.

  47. Amanda Brousseau says:

    I’m so glad you are going to be doing what makes you happy! I enjoy all of you vlogs and blogs and I’m sure most of your subscribers will want to watch whatever you post. My first baby is due in 8 days and your videos really helped me get through this past year. It’s so refreshing to see what real life is with a newborn and not just perfectly staged videos. So thank you so much πŸ™‚

  48. Casey says:

    Followed! I love your blog and your channel!- one of my fav youtubers! Your pictures look great! ??

  49. Tai Nippert says:

    I love you guys and love just watching you be real. Y’all are inspiring and so awesome. God bless your family always. ??? we have an adorable little 10 week old girl and through you guys have been able to push ourselves to continue breastfeeding. Thank you for your inspiration and honesty. We would love to win some toys for our sweet baby ?

  50. Ashley Spriggs says:

    Wahoo! Love the editing style of this girl. And I just want to say that I love the direction you are taking your channel & blog. Do YOU! That is the best content that is put out there – content YOU love! Excited for your future content!

  51. Kary says:

    You’ve really helped me with all your videos. I’m pregnant and I’ve been struggling with the whole process. Specially nauseas. You’re videos really help me to get tips and understand what’s going on.

  52. Alyssa says:

    I started watching you when I was trying to get pregnant and now I am having a little boy in March. I love your vlogs, I haven’t really read your blogs but want to get caught up! I’m a little depressed you don’t do daily vlogs anymore but I have more free time. Love learning about new products through you, keep doing what your doing. πŸ™‚

  53. Franchesca says:

    I just love your vlogs and snaps Annabelle is the cutest my baby girl and Annabelle are 1 month apart, when I watch your vlogs and she hears Annabelle makes her coos she looks and smiles and makes the same coos sooo cute, I love all the advice you give you and Doug are great parents ?

  54. Samantha says:

    Love your videos and cute little family! Your pictures are also looking nice! You’ve inspired me to DIY newborn photos for my own daughter when she arrives πŸ™‚

  55. Dora Tavano says:

    I would love to win this give away! I will be 7 months pregnant this Friday with a girl and we have no toys or books for her yet, I would love to use this to get me started! I love watching your videos and watching Annabelle grow!

  56. Ani Morilla says:

    Hi Hayley

    I just finished watching your eight month update for Annabelle. I loved hearing your insights and I look forward to watching my baby girl go through her own milestones. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity πŸ™‚

  57. Kelsey says:

    I love reading your blog posts! I found you on YouTube and I love the videos but I think I like your blog more! I like how your posts aren’t to long! And your website is so nicely done! I watched your unboxing of the products from this brand and he the nestalgia was real!!! I need to get some of those books for my son ☺️

  58. melissa says:

    Yaaass girl, YOU do you! I love watching your videos and getting a preview of life as we go, since my little baby Penelope is just two months younger than Annabelle! Editing on the photos looks bomb! would love to see an updated ‘how to keep baby entertained at 6-9 months’ if you’re looking for video ideas…let’s be real i have tons, but that’s at the top of my list right now πŸ™‚ I can’t seem to keep up with her ever-changing interests lol.
    also, how did you get annabelle to sleep through the night? thinking my halloween costmume will be a ‘mombie’ this year; no special makeup required haha.

  59. Kaitlin Rozell says:

    I have a daughter that turned 3 on August 27th, and a son that turned 3 weeks old on the same day! I’ve been binge watching your older videos during all of my night time nursing sessions and I never would have guessed you were such a hair teasing advocate ? But I love the new editing!

  60. Kayla says:

    Would love to win this awesome giveaway for my little man! ?? And yes I like how you’re editing your pictures! You’re the cutest!!

  61. Mary Jane says:

    Love Annabelle’s outfits she is adorable!

  62. Lizbeth Vrionez says:

    Love your videos!!! ❀️ I hope I win the giveaway for my baby girl! Hugs and Kisses from KY.

  63. Veronica says:

    I have a little baby too (he is almost four months old) and I started watching you when I was pregnant (and you were too!). I don’t know how you keep up with your channel and being a new mother – it’s very impressive! I can barely manage to just keep us alive πŸ™‚ Keep up the amazing work!

    P.s. I love the cray! ? When my baby Peregrine squawks like that, we say his alter ego Pterry has come out – Pterry the Pterodactyl ?

  64. Ceecee says:

    Hayley – Looove your videos no matter what you film ..been watching for a while now .. You have such a sweet family …your parents too ! I have a little girl too and she loves toys like this hope I win ?

  65. Katie Musseau says:

    Yay! I love your blogs so I’m excited to see more content of that type! And honestly, do whatever makes you happy as it’ll shine through in your work πŸ™‚
    I also can’t wait to see what you & Doug have in the works! Exciting things I’m sure! πŸ™‚

  66. Jessica Bartram says:

    Already followed, and followed! Love your little family ❀️❀️
    So glad I came across your YouTube channel. Still going back and watching all of the older videos πŸ™‚

  67. Luba says:

    Love your videos, found you when I was pregnant and u did your updates. My baby is now 4 months helps to see what you are going through and what to expect. Love all you videos. Also the pictures look great. Love you style.

  68. Amanda says:

    Love you guys. I have a busy 6 month old daughter and she loves to play.

  69. Brenda Stallings says:

    Love watching your Angel grow! Thanks for sharing your family

  70. Anna Shelipova says:

    I love watching your videos. Cleaning related, make up or pregnancy. My first video I watch was: the things nobody tells you about pregnancy and since that moment I got hooked. You just l such and open person and I can really relate to you. I feel instantly like you my friend. And you jay vwry down to earth. I really love your parenting techniques no matter what anyone say. I wait for your video everyday. Love watching your family growing and just everyday life. Thank you for all your videos.

  71. Angela Horgos says:

    Hi Hayley!
    Good for you for doing what makes you happy! I imagine that there IS alot of pressure to please others as a blogger/blogger. But staying true to yourself is probably the best gift you can give your followers!
    Happy 8th month Annabelle!

  72. Mara Orr says:

    As a first-time mom, I have been constantly researching everything from toys, food, baby necessities, and advice when I found your channel on YouTube. I love your channel and your blog! It is so amazing to see someone who is real and inspirational on social media. I even joined the facebook group for subscribers because I felt that I could connect easily with others who liked your videos and blogs! I just want to thank you for all that you do! You followed your own path and are doing what you love. This inspires me to keep going after my goals! I am hoping I can win the giveaway. Have a beautiful day πŸ™‚

  73. Melanie Lugo says:

    Hi Hailey!! I would love to win this for my 6 month old baby girl. I love your vlogs! You are so honest and relatable.Your baby is adorable.

  74. Mary Lerma says:

    Thank you for sharing your family and helpful tips on family and parenting. I have a one year old daughter and am expecting my second baby next March. It is nice to learn and hear about other mom’s experiences and things that have helped them. I always look forward to reading your blog posts and watching your videos. Thank you again for sharing πŸ™‚

  75. Kelsie Rios says:

    I love reading your blogs because they are so real. I don’t know why I haven’t seen this one! Doing something that makes you happy is so important and you just reminded me of this! So thank you!

  76. Hi Hayley!

    Thanks for doing more giveaways πŸ™‚

    I also wanted to add that I think it’s great you’re doing what YOU love to do!

    My personal favorite is your blogging series and ofcourse daily vlogs πŸ™‚

    Cheers from Vancouver!

    Tamara Nicole

  77. Good article, your sharing is so nice, love your work!

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