1. Anthropologie

For years this store has always captured my eye. From its intricately stitched skirts to its beautifully hand woven throws, it ranges from jewelry and clothes to home accents and even little knick knacks for daily life. Going into the store and shopping online, I feel as if I am in an upscaled flee market, never knowing what treasures I might come across. To me, each piece seems to be culturally influenced through their unique patterns, style, and fit. Everything I’ve owned from Anthropologie I have worn or used for years because of its lasting quality, making it a great place to shop for gifts.
As stated in my first blog post, Sole Society has a range of many different types of shoes and handbags, each one different than the next. It has a mixture of everyday items, as well as special occasion pieces. I always know if there is an event coming up where I need a certain pair of shoes, that I will find my perfect match here!
These next three websites listed, I admitedly check just about on a daily basis. I am grouping them into one category because they all three have unique features that keep me coming back. The two main ones are the price and the diversity of products. After following these websites for almost a year now, I have received some of the greatest bargains. From Ray Ban sunglasses only costing me around $95 to Jack Rodgers for $70, these items are a steal! Makeup, jewelry, home decor, travel packages, and fashion pieces for men, women, and children, these websites never disappoint. Much of the time I have to retrain myself, but it is well worth the fight!
Positives: Discounted designer handbags, wallets, clothing, and shoes.
Negatives: Takes longer time to ship your items out.
Every “event” is always on rotation(aka, the product you may be eyeing could be out of stock quickly, so strike while the irons hot!)
A forever favorite, this brand always my heart…and my wallet. The gorgeous patterned shift dresses and the rising iconic gold foil, screams a night on the town in New York or a Sunday brunch at the Hampton’s Polo Club. When I slip into one of the many sequined or floral numbers, I immediately mentally transport myself to a more lavish and upscale setting. Its amazing how a simple outfit can do that, right? Maybe its just me.
7. Jcrew
My eternal love for preppy style doesn’t go overlooked by the famous JCrew. If I am lucky enough to get my hands on in my opinion, the most beautiful statement jewelry on the market, I go for it. The quality of their pieces never goes unnoticed. The pixie pants are my staple all year round and their chino shorts are a must have for summer months.
8. Asos 
This eclectic range of clothing is great for anyone’s personal style as this site has so many options to choose from. From grungy to urban wear, the possibilities of finding what you are looking for or even to just browse, are endless.
The ever enchanting Free People brand is a collection centered around the transformation of bohemian inspired looks to modern day fashion forward trends. The flowy floral dresses and the sequined little numbers, this site is great for everyday items that can make your wardrobe unique and stylish.
Once I heard about this websites year round deal of 50% off your first purchase, I had no excuse not to jump right in! This site is very affordable, as well as edgy in their pieces.
Lulu’s is a new find for me and has  quickly become one of my go to sites for night time attire. It’s target market is without a doubt the younger demographic, as there are more room for legs to show and hem lengths to rise. It’s a fun site to browse the dress section for an upcoming Vegas trip or even a cropped top and high waisted shorts for drinks with friends.
Although it is the last of my favorite site’s listed, it surely isn’t on the bottom of my radar. Since the moment each women in America joined a sorority, Lilly Pulitzer has captured their minds and molded thousands of preppy women around the world. Their hand painted patterns imprinted on countless shift dresses and iconic bold colors embody Lilly Pulitzer herself. Raised in luxury, the women played cricket with JFK and married the man who invented the Pulitzer prize. I mean, this women is one to look up to and owning a Lilly Pulitzer item, is almost like having a piece of her…a piece of history. I could go on and on about how I adore each unique and special piece from every line this brand puts out, but I’d be here for ages! Now on to the website itself….The clothes may be a tad pricey, but I suggest signing up for their email list because receiving coupon codes that can help with the damage done to your poor wallet, makes your purchase a little easier as it is worth every penny!


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