January 23, 2018

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Hi Friends! As I’m sitting here typing this post, Annabelle’s asleep next to me sick:( Last night we went to urgent care and stayed for 4 hours (why do those places take forever!?). She had a fever of 105 and we were freaking out just a tad. It has finally gone down since, but we’ve been hovering over her all day offering apple sauce, liquids, and basically anything she can get down and giving luke warm baths. So far it’s working, but it’s so so sad tending to a sick baby!! Praying she gets better soon.

Anyways, for today’s post I’m taking us back a few days to last weekend where it was our first venture out since moving to Charleston. We’ve only been here a little over a week and I’m not going to lie, the first week was rough, but we’re getting acclimated a bit better now and since going downtown, we’ve become more excited about all the places we get to explore! Moving across country (if you draw a straight line from LA across the US it lands on Charleston!) can be scary. You leave all your friends and family to a place unknown. Different weather. Different laws. Different everything! So much about this area is completely different from LA. There aren’t tons of people everywhere. There isn’t a lot of traffic (although people from the South say there is and we just laugh;) They’ve never been stuck during rush hour on the 405 lol!).  All of these things are big pluses in my book, but even though they are positives, the change can be hard to adjust to. We’ve always complained about the mass amount of people, but when it’s all taken away it’s a strange feeling. Definitely something to adjust to! Annabelle also had to adjust to her new surroundings. She hated going to sleep in our new room and she has now finally gotten used to the giant ceiling fan with leaves on it to where it doesn’t frighten her anymore. We are finally on East coast time, which can be hard on a baby’s sleep pattern.

With that being said, we do love it here so far.  The weather has also warmed up a bit too! When we landed some nights it went down to 23 degrees and that is such a change for us as we’ve never used the heater or AC in our old apartment (it didn’t even come with them!). Today it’s suppose to be 70 degrees and we are so excited for spring in Charleston. I have a bucket list on my phone of places to explore. This Sunday is Oyster Shucking at Boone Hall Plantation and I think we might attend. It’s the largest oyster shucking event in the US on the prettiest grounds. How fun and “Southern” is that!? I can’t wait. 

Top c/o Pink Blush | Cardigan (similar here and here) | Boots c/o | Leggings c/o | Annabelle’s Shoes c/o | Annabelle’s Cardigan – Target, sold out

Last weekend for our first real meal out in Charleston, we wanted something traditionally “Southern” so we went to Poogans Smokehouse as per one of my subscribers recommendations! This week is “restaurant week” in and around Charleston so every place has a special menu for locals that is discounted. We got sooooo much food we ate it for dinner later too. I got the pulled pork sandwich and Doug got a BBQ platter with a side of mac n cheese and corn bread. It was TO DIE FOR. I’ve been dreaming about it since.
Annabelle ate so much too! We always share our food with her unless it’s too greasy or spicy. She loved the pulled pork!I love seeing the carriage rides downtown and Annabelle is obsessed with horses right now! Doug is made for the south. He loves NASCAR, BBQ, having a real house, and of course sweet tea! There’s even some in our fridge now! Downtown Charleston is picture perfect just like everyone says. The alleyways are lined with flowers or vines and the houses are a dream. I vlogged this day and it will be going up this week! Annabelle is finally starting to try and walk! We got her these shoes from Pok Fashion and they are so adorable! My top is the SOFTEST fleece from Pink Blush and my sweater is so so affordable from Gamiss (size up!). It was brisk this day so I also wore these OTK boots!

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  1. LORI WEINRIB says:

    Awwww!!!! So sorry to hear nanu is sick!!! It’s very scary when the fever is so high!! I hope she’s feeling better- so many people are sick with the flu, etc!! Stay well mom & dad!! xoxo

  2. heather graddick says:

    Go to the Oyster Festival on Sunday. You will NOT regret it. There is tons of food ( not just oysters) and the people watching is the best! You will get your dose of crowded areas during the festival. It is something my entire family looks forward to every year! Go early and be sure to take chairs to sit in.

  3. Awe, so sorry Annabelle is sick! This flu season is so scary! Hope you all three get and stay well! Those southern plantations are so beautiful in the Spring! Be sure and try Magnolias! Their fried green tomatoes are TO DIE FOR! ❤️

  4. So sorry to hear baby Nanu is sick. Hope she’s feeling better by now.

    Welcome to the South!! I live in South Florida with my husband and we are SO made for the South. We love the weather, we love our house, and we can’t get enough of BBQ. Yum!!

  5. Cari A says:

    Awww hope A is feeling better now. My 10 month old was sick a couple weeks ago and even as an RN, it’s scary and sad to see your baby sick ☹️ I’m curious what the urgent care doc said she had?

    On another note, I really enjoy seeing you and your fam enjoying your new home ? Love all the pics

  6. Paula says:

    Looks so fun!! I love the way you edited your photos. The colors are so pretty! I live in Florida and it’s been way cold for us too lately. Glad you guys are adjusting to the move! ?


  7. Tabitha Dickens says:

    When you said you didn’t have an AC in your house, I was literally like “how do you survive?” Then again, I live in Southwest Louisiana lol it’s so strange to me, though, but welcome to the South! I always say I could move, but the food, people, and culture is too die for ♥️ seeing things like this always make me so happy and make me appreciate where I live!

  8. Magyuri says:

    Looking forward to your YouTube video on your move and all it entailed. I hope you can share more details on how you’ve felt about the changes and offer any tips or suggestions for those of us that would love to try to live somewhere else but feel nervous about it. Hope you’re not too homesick and that you enjoy your family much more now that you’re in the laid back South.

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