Floral Midi Dress

February 23, 2016

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I love that it already feels like Spring outside. I decided to pull out one of the newest pieces in my closet with this floral print midi dress, which was perfect for a sunny day like today. There’s something about the midi length that makes me feel taller and elongated, especially with a simple ankle strap heel. If you have read my blog for a while, you’ll know that I wore these ankle strap heels time and time again over the past year (see here, here & here). I finally sold them and got a new pair because they were wearing out! I’m also trying to invest in higher quality shoes and handbags because I’ve been realizing that out of everything in my closet I keep those two items for years and years. I swear ankle strap heels make your feet look so small and really go with any outfit! I also LOVE long sleeve dresses. They are perfect for Spring because they have enough coverage to where you don’t get too cold when the weather isn’t quite as hot! I’m loving this long sleeve chambray dress, this embroidered mini dress, and this two piece cotton dress!

Lulu’s Floral Print Midi Dress | Ankle Strap Heels | Beige Clutch

Other long sleeve dress options…

More ankle strap heels…

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