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This was literally the only put together outfit (besides pajamas and loungewear) I wore all weekend because my Mom and I spent most of our time planning Doug and I’s wedding! It’s five months away and since I’m in charge of decor, we’re getting down the the wire. If you haven’t seen my “wedding ready” series of videos, then be sure to check them out! I go through everything from finding the right dress, makeup looks, affordable wedding tips, and just tracking the whole journey overall! I love being a bride, but I’m not going to lie…I am SO ready for it all to be over and for us to just be married! There are so many things we want to start doing as a married couple like traveling, getting a new car (MUCH needed), saving for a house, and just general life stuff and I feel like once we get the wedding stuff over with we will have more time to focus on us! Don’t get me wrong, I’m trying (hence the word trying) to enjoy being engaged, but it gets stressful at times too. Dealing with family and friends schedules, coordinating dates, talking with vendors…there’s a lot people don’t talk mention when it comes to being engaged!

Mango Denim Jacket | Express Skinny Jeans | H&M Maroon Scarf | Leopard Slip Ons (Similar) | White T-Shirt | Clic Clac Bracelet | LV Tote (Via Fashionphile)

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