Life Is Good

First, she examines the rattle…

Then she grabs the rattle…

Then she does everything in her might to gum the rattle while almost rolling off her chair!

She loves Go Dog Go! What a ham! P.S. You know when one corner of your gel nail polish is coming up and you do everything in your power to resist the urg to peel and then find yourself peeling off each nail one by one? Ya, that’s what happened right before the pic above…I couldn’t resist snapping these baby toes<3

Annabelle: Top | Shorts (Code: darlingdetails20 for 20% off your order from Boody Baby!)

Me: Tank c/o | Skirt (In Blue) | Similar Sandals | Bag c/o (featured in vlog)

As much as I talk about how hard it has been lately for Annabelle to go to sleep during naps and at bedtime, life truly has never been better and I feel like I don’t say it enough on the vlogs. Having a baby is such a magical, indescribable, and fulfilling part of life. Every moment I look at her (even when she’s fussing while trying to be put down) my heart bursts at the seams with an overwhelming amount of love and joy. I can’t believe we made this perfect creature!! God is good and life is good.

Today we had a lunch, ran a few errands, and it felt like a perfect summer day! Even though it’s not technically summer yet, it feels like it in Los Angeles! We are already planning our first trip to the beach next weekend. Annabelle is loving her new Boody Baby outfit and we are too because it’s the softest clothing she owns! Actually, it’s even softer than most of her blankets. I love it when I know she’s comfortable and it’s a nice change since most of her outfits are only for looks (as in big bows and sparkles;)

Other skirts I’m loving for summer under $50…



  1. JoelinelifeVlogs
    June 10, 2017 / 4:12 pm

    You and Annabelle are absolutely beautiful!?? Love your outfits Hayley. Yep I know the feeling about peeling off the nail polish, lol. ? You’re doing amazing Mama.?

  2. July 19, 2017 / 10:49 am

    You’re both looking great on the photos, baby Annabelle is so beautiful and cute!

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