February 23, 2018

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I apologize for the delayed posting schedule this week, but Doug was gone all week so it was just me and Annabelle! We filled it with events and people to meet so we didn’t get bored, but that left little time to film/shoot. I’m trying to be more present with her during our alone time so she’s my #1 priority:)

Living in Charleston for just about a month and a half has already opened my eyes to a whole new world and not just because it’s literally a different place on the map, but because we’ve already grown more as a couple, as individuals, and as a family than I ever thought possible.

I had always wanted to move away. Ever since high school when I used to read a ton, I would daydream about living in the places in my books. I loved the idea of navigating a completely different place, seeing new things, and meeting new people. At 26 years old I finally took the plunge and Charleston has already given me that and so much more. I’m already so excited for a video I want to make about why I think everyone should move states/countries/somewhere unknown, but I’ll save that for when I’ve lived here an entire year;)

Moving has forced me outside of my comfort zone and boy did I have a HUGE comfort zone in Manhattan Beach. Because we already had our established group of friends since college (none with babies), we never felt the desire to meet new people because our time was already spread so thin tending to Annabelle. We were complacent and uninspired.

Moving here has already taught us so much. How much we took for granted the beauty that surrounds California. The winding highway 1 pressed against huge cliffs overlooking the ocean and tucked against the forest in Northern California. The weather. Oh how we took that for granted the most. Sunny filled days and perfectly temperate nights. Never feeling too cold or hot, but just right. Weather wasn’t ever on anyone’s minds. It’s almost like it doesn’t exist there! Hills and mountains. The hustle and grind that consumes most of the people working in Los Angeles. The diversity of people. I never thought California had rich culture like some of the more established East Coast states, but now I realize it has so much culture in different ways.

We knew no one here and immediately I knew making friends had to be my #1 priority for my sanity. I NEED girlfriends. I’ve always had close friends. I call one friend daily and a few others weekly to chat. It’s helps me in so many ways, but one on one connection is important, especially as a Mom. So making Mom friends was at the top of my list. The first week we got here we joined a Church and I signed up for a women’s small group. The second week Doug and I met with a couple (who reached out on Insta and are subscribers!) and since then we’ve gone to dinner each week after. We are basically obsessed with them! This week I went to a playgroup on Sullivan’s Island and met another subscriber and her baby at a park. This all has been a whirlwind of events, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from these interactions is that you have to put forth the effort to make real connections. They don’t just come to you, at least not like when you’re in school. It’s been so nice to meet Moms and interact! I don’t know why it took me 13 months to do so!

Things I love so far…

THE FOOD. The first two weeks we ate out all the time. Then I realized we can’t continue on this path so we limit ourselves now to eating out twice a week and it’s been working so far! Best food I’ve ever had! (Minus sushi in Japan;)

THE PEOPLE. I don’t have photos of all the people we’ve met (for obvious reasons lol), but this whole move and experience would be nothing without the “Southern Charm.” It’s real you guys. Like really real. I haven’t had an off encounter since moving here. Even the UPS man stops me to chat about Annabelle, the grocery checker asks about my day, we’ve met almost everyone on our street and even the DMV was a pleasant experience. LIKE WHAT!!??!?!?!? But by far the best part has been the subscribers I’ve met that have become friends. I don’t know why I never thought this possible!

THE BEAUTY OF CHARLESTON. For those that don’t know, Charleston is known for it’s flowers/plants and basically everything is blooming come springtime. It’s already starting to happen and amazes me every time I see it. SoCal is beautiful, but nothing comes close to how colorful all the flowers and trees are here. I can’t wait to show you more when spring fully hits! The Spanish moss draped over the trees. The endless water and marshlands. So so beautiful and don’t even get me started on the houses…

OUR NEW HOUSE. You know what’s truly funny about moving from an apartment to a house? It’s not that crazy of a change. I KNOW. You’d think it would be mind blowing! I’ve complained about not having an in-unit washer/dryer, backyard, or dishwasher for the last 3 years (lol- really just the last year) so you’d think I’ve be in Heaven, but something truly shocking happened when we moved here. I realized something that I’ll never ever forget. Things don’t make you happy, people make you happy. Things don’t make you happy, freedom makes you happy. You have the choice each day to choose happiness. It’s a choice. I thought for years that having my own home would instantly make me 10x happier.  You know what? It doesn’t. I’m the same level of happiness as I was in my tiny old LA apartment. That may sound depressing, but in fact, it’s really liberating! To know that possessions don’t own your soul and none of it matters? I can’t tell you how living and knowing this brings so much purpose into my life. It’s crazy. I’ll save that for a future video:) Anyways, that’s all for now! Thanks for reading my blog and following along. I appreciate each and every one of you and meeting those of you that I’ve had the chance to while we’ve lived here has truly been life changing!

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  1. LORI WEINRIB says:

    It sounds like you are really adjusting and thriving in Charleston!! It’s wonderful you are making friends & meeting other moms!! Annabelle will love having play dates!!!

  2. Brit says:

    I really enjoyed this blog, because I have been thinking to myself lately how I want a change like moving, and wanting to make some new girlfriends, and it’s so true and funny but it’s a bit harder making friends as an adult….I have to be more out there, before I was quite shy and now I have to come out of that comfort zone. This was motivational for me, thanks.

  3. Eunice says:

    I love how content you sound! I’m so happy for you guys!

  4. Kayla says:

    So happy you guys are loving Charleston! I’ve only visited once with my fiancé, but it was one of our absolute favorite places and we definitely want to go again!

    xoxo, Kayla |

  5. Alexandra Manuel says:

    My husband, myself and two young sons just moved here in late January as well (military from California) we dreaded this move and are finding ourselves obsessed with the charm of the South! Hope to meet you one day!

  6. I recently moved to Charleston all alone and I am so thankful I found your blog. You perfectly encapsulated what it feels like to be slightly alone, but excited for a new path and happy in the presence of yourself and those you love perfectly! I’ve personally been struggling with feeling a bit overwhelmed in this new experience and have found that taking myself on little dates has helped me adjust ad explore my new city! You said it perfectly that relationships and friends don’t quite fall into your lap like they used to. Because of this, I’ve found just exploring local breweries and social restaurants have been the most liberating experience for me. My favorite recently has been Low Tide Brewing out on Johns Island. It’s the perfect family atmosphere to hang out and meet some incredible people while drinking local craft beer paired with dishes from nearby restaurants. If you go, I recommend the Carolina creamsicle and strawberry shortcake.!

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