Our Holiday 2017 Bucket List

November 15, 2017

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Wondering when she will almost knock down the tree since she’s started crawling… She found the candy bin! We took it away right after 😉 Pink Blush Cardigan c/o | PJs | All Christmas decor

It’s no secret the holidays are my favorite time of year. It’s funny because you assume that’s the case for everyone too, but most of my friends who are die hard California lovers much prefer summer over winter because they crave the sun while I love chilly, rainy days spent inside! This year is our first real Christmas with Annabelle since last year we were in the hospital two days after she was born so we’re extra excited! I can’t wait to check these things off our list this year!

  1. Look at the Christmas lights lining Manhattan Beach pier. There’s something so magical about the beach at night!
  2. Take holiday photos as a family. I actually already booked a photographer through Minted to shoot us this Sunday! I ordered this dress for Annabelle and I can’t wait for her to wear it.
  3. Visit Doug’s family in NorCal. Annabelle has only seen Dougs side of the family a handful of times because driving 7 hours with a baby doesn’t sound ideal, but we hope to make it up there this season!
  4. Donate to a local toy drive. I used to do this in college every year and have since fallen out of it. I think this is a great way to give back!
  5. Watch classic holiday movies like Miracle on 34th Street, It’s A Wonderful Life, and The Holiday…after Annabelle’s asleep of course so we can truly watch it;)
  6. Actually give eachother gifts this year! Last year as a lot of you know by watching my channel, we paid off all of our student loan debt and because of that, we were lazer focused on our goal of being debt free. Instead of gifts, we gave eachother the gift of being financially free! It was 100% worth it!

Other things of course are spend more time with family/friends and eat lots of yummy food! P.S. I’m wearing the COMFIEST cardigan, which most of the time I actually wear as a robe from Pink Blush because it’s so soft. I’ve mentioned them before on my blog, but right now they have the cutest festive pieces like this party dress or this LBD.

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  1. Jeni Pearlman says:

    LOVE that you’ve already decorated and put up your tree! We may do ours this weekend. I was actually just in your area last week visiting a high school friend who lives in Redondo Beach. We went to Hermosa Beach Pier and had dinner at Tower 12 and also visited Venice Beach. Such a beautiful area!!!!

    PS – Annabelle is such a doll! Hard to believe she’ll be ONE so soon!

  2. Samantha says:

    We put our tree up the past weekend. Actually, I got most of our house decorated for Christmas this past weekend. I usually never decorate for the holidays, my husband is in the military so we spend the holidays between our families. This year we decided to start our own family traditions. With the house being basically finished I’ve got the Christmas bug, Christmas movies and music are on all the time now.
    Enjoy this time with Annabelle. My little one is 4 now and let me tell you, littles make the holidays extra special.

  3. Hi Hayley Doug and Annabelle. Thank you so much for posting Annabelle unboxing my gifts. It meant more to me than you could know to watch her ringing the bell and sitting on her cow! Little people toys are amazing and not “Junk” linked to a tv show. They have old fashioned educational toys like the farm,garage and zoo animals Love from Sydney Australia

  4. Hi Hayley. Thank you so much for opening Annabelle’s presents on your insta story. I grew up on a farm in Australia hence the farm theme. Love and kisses. Claudia

  5. Hi Hayley. Thanks for opening your gifts on instastory. Love Claudia

  6. Alexandra says:

    Such sweet pictures! I started decorating and watching holiday movies before Thanksgiving with no shame. Have a great holiday!

    xx, Alexandra

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