June 27, 2018

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Soooo…….I’m addicted to Amazon **Prime. I’m sure you’re all aware if you’ve been following me for a while now 😉 I literally get everything off Amazon! When we lived back in LA we took advantage of Amazon Prime Now for grocery delivery and I still miss it everyday haha For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share my most recent purchases for the month of June on Amazon (I’s a lot!). I don’t always get the best products on Amazon, but this month was particularly good! I love and use almost all of these things daily!

Panini Maker: AHHH! This panini maker is life! We just got it this week because the one we had in our old place didn’t make it in the move. Don’t ask me how! Our old one was $80 and it was sooo nice, but I honestly like this one 10x better. It heats up our sandwiches in 4-6 minutes rather than 15 like our old one! We’ve been eating paninis daily this week with melted cheese, ham, dijon mustard, mushrooms, onion, and arugula. So good!

Airtight Containers: Our kitchen cabinets have been seriously a hot mess our entire marriage up until now. I decided to bite the bullet and get some containers to store all my baked goods in and pasta. I’m obsessed! I’ll post a pic on Instastories. It makes me feel so much cleaner and organized in the kitchen too! I love that this one comes with labels.

Amber Spray Bottles: I got this to go with my Young Living starter pack. I had been mixing my Thieves oil (which comes in the pack) with water in a plastic bottle and apparently that’s a no-go for oil! Everyone recommended these and I LOVE the spray nozzle on these bottles. For some reason it’s so satisfying to spray down my countertops now. I also like that they are aesthetically pleasing so it doesn’t look ugly left out.

Canister Set: I got these in addition to the first canister set I ordered to try out a different kind. These are a big bigger so I fit sugar and flour in them. Not sure how much I’ll be using the spoons that come with them though.

Youtube Video Creator Kit: LOVE!!! My camera recently got stolen at a baseball game (UGH) so I had to get a new one. The creator kit actually is a better deal than buying a single Canon G7x, which is the #1 vlogging camera out there (for a reason!). I had the old version before and it was my pride and joy for two years. This one is even better because the autofocus is on point! I also use and love the mini Manfroto tripod to my surprise.

Unf*** Yourself Book: OMG. Okay, so this book is soooo good you guys. Do you ever feel like you are in a mental rut and can’t seem to be positive? This book is for you! Doug and I both HIGHLY recommend. Top 10 of our favorite books ever.

You Are A Bad Ass Book: Love Meg recommended this to me (you might know her from Youtube!) and it’s so good! So far I’m only half way, but it’s basically a book about self awareness and increasing confidence in every area of your life. It’s a great read. As you can tell I love self help books.

Phone Stand: This was definitely an impulse buy. I got this for my iPhone 10 to stand on while I do my makeup in the mornings. I actually use it every day!

Nespresso Half Calf Pods: I mentioned these in a vlog, but they are so good! Half calf=half as caffeinated, which is good for pregnant women like myself;)

Maternity Underwear: TMI….I outgrew some of my underwear lol Prego problems! My belly is too big at the front and these have become my #1 favorite underwear. They are soooo comfortable. I know I’ll be wearing them postpartum!

Hair Oil: I got this stuff because blogger Gal Meets Glam recommended it and her hair is GOALS. Honestly the smell didn’t wow me (it was pretty plain), but it does make your hair super silky!

The Millionaire Fast Lane: If you’re looking to be your own boss one day, make your own hours, and carve out the path you desire for yourself and your family then this book is a MUST..wait no…this book is a NECESSARY read. My #1 entrepreneur book recommendation ever. So inspiring.

Tongue Scraper: The Skinny Confidential turned me to this and I’m hooked! One extra step to having clean breath! ha

The Four Hour Work Week: Another must must must read if you want to get out of the 8-5 daily grind and be your own boss. I’ll be doing a book review soon!

Nespresso Carmelizio Pods: My #1 fav pod.

That’s it for today! Let me know if you want me to do one at the end of July! xx

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  1. Heather says:

    I love when people share what their favorites are from Amazon, since I myself am a HUGE amazon junkie! So if you wanted to make this a monthly thing, I wouldn’t hate it! I’ve always thought that there was so much money to be made through youtube so the kit is very tempting to me, but the price tag scares me lol. (and I’m three months postpartum, and I’m still on that maternity underwear game hahaha)

  2. This Is A Great List Of Products! I Can’t Wait To Try Some Of Them! Thanks For Sharing Hayley!

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