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April 21, 2016

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A while back I did a post talking all about my favorite home decor sites and another about my most used pre-owned designer goods sites, so I thought it was time to do an updated list of my favorite sites to shop on for clothes. For years I would spend hours and hours mulling over the racks at the mall, until my life got to be too busy after college for me to find the time/energy to update my wardrobe. A lot of people I know never shop online for clothing. They usually say they don’t want to pay for shipping or that it’s hard to know their size looking at a model on the website, but for me it’s way easier to shop online. First off, I only ever buy from sites that offer free shipping and secondly, with those sites there are free returns so you can order multiple sizes and send back the ones that don’t fit! It saves me a ton of time and allows me to not be tempted to buy a bunch of things I don’t need while I spend an entire day walking around a mall.


  1. Asos: I LOVE that I can find brands from all over the whole on this site that aren’t normally sold in the U.S.! They also have amazing sales! (Dress linked here)hay-edited-9
  2. Revolve: First off, their shipping is amazing! It’s free and the last time I ordered something it arrived to my doorstep the next day! Their pieces are so unique and feminine and they offer all different personal style options. (Dress linked here)zara-jacuard-jacket-styled
  3. Nordstrom: What else can I say about this site that hasn’t already been said?! Shipping is always free and the customer service is amazing. Not to mention if something is wrong with the product you purchased they always remedy it! (Crossbody here)alaia-beach-dress-tassles
  4. Shopbop: This site has the most up to date trendy pieces in my opinion and they always have great sales! (Coverup here)donna-morgan-lace-dress-7
  5. Hautelook: By far the best site for sales! I purchased the Donna Morgan dress in the picture above for a fraction of what it was sold in store for!daily-dose-of-darling-22
  6. Rue LaLa: Another flash deal site, they always have the best designer pieces that are either gently pre-owned or heavily discounted!zara-floral-pink-maxi-dress copy
  7. Zara: The pieces from Zara in my wardrobe are truly the most well kept over the years because the quality is amazing. Almost everything is double lined and each piece has lasted for years and years.daily-dose-of-darling-10
  8.  Lulu’s: I’f I’m feeling spend-y I’ll shop at Lulu’s because the site allows me to buy a ton of items for such a little amount of money! The quality isn’t amazing, but the price point is just right and each item is so girly and trendy. (Clutch here)

That’s it for my most used sites! If you haven’t already, check out my current Spring fashion haul below!:)


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