December 26, 2017

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I cannot believe it’s almost 2018! I swear, once you have a baby you realized just how fast time flies because you see them change at such a quick rate! As much as I love Christmas, I’m almost always more excited for a fresh start to the new year. There’s something so motivating about mapping out your goals and ambitions especially when you see so much potential at the start of a new year. In today’s post I thought I would share two New Year’s Eve inspired outfits and a makeup look that goes with both along with the goals I have for my personal and professional life in 2018.

I’ve been experimenting with a few different makeup looks lately (HELLO voluminous eyelash extensions! More on that later..) and I was introduced to airbrush makeup last month and have been wearing it ever since. It’s such a nice change to my normal everyday liquid foundation routine and honestly I find applying my makeup a much more relaxing experience since I’ve been using it. For this look, I used the Temptu Air Perfect Canvas Starter Kit (see before and after below).

I wasn’t sure about my shade as you can’t get matched in person (and lets be honest half the time I have fake tan on;) so I took their quiz online and I ended up getting the perfect match! I was so skeptical about airbrush makeup at first mainly because I have oily skin. I’m half Portuguese so my skin can look greasy if I wear any type of luminous foundation within an hour or two. When I saw they had a semi-matte foundation I immediately had to try it because I was hoping it would be just as long wearing as I had heard their foundations were, but not make me look oily throughout the day. After trying it out several times, it is seriously matte!!

I had heard about Temptu makeup years ago when my friend wore it on her wedding day. Airbrush makeup is a serious game changer because it conceals your blemishes while blurring fine lines and pore size (see this pic!!). I had always thought airbrush makeup was reserved for special events, but when I saw how travel friendly their starter kit was, I realized how easy it is for every day use. You don’t have to fuss with cleaning your makeup brushes and spending forever blending everything together and one thing I loved was that the airbrush machine is cordless and so easy to pack on the go! I used their ‘sheer berry’ blush and their ‘perfect canvas highlighter’ and everything blended together perfectly!

Now onto the outfits! These two dresses are from Ever Pretty. I have actually worn a few of their casual dresses in the past, but these two caught my eye for some upcoming weddings in the new year so they were just perfect to share as New Year’s Eve looks! Ever Pretty has an amazing collection of trendy and affordable evening wear perfect for the holiday season.

Dress c/o | Heels | Earrings c/o | Clutch

The first dress I’m wearing is a fit and flare structure and I love that the off the shoulder and cinched waistline gives it a retro vibe.

Dress c/o | Heels c/o | Earrings c/o | Clutch ^^Pointing at birds of course;) **Annabelle’s outfit from Pok Fashion!

This next dress is Doug’s favorite (maybe because it’s a bit more “Mom-ish” lol). I love the lace detail at the hem and sleeves and how flattering the fit is. I got a size 4 and it fit perfectly! Seriously, it shrinks your waistline and elongates your legs, which is something I’m always looking for being 5’4.

I thought I would share a few goals I have for the new year (doesn’t that sound so much better than resolutions?):

  • Make an effort to meet new Moms. This was one of the biggest lessons I learned the hard way in 2017, you NEED Mom friends to survive motherhood. I’m going to go out of my way this year to join Mom groups, take Annabelle to play groups, and just associate myself with people who are in the same stage of life as I am.
  • Join a gym. I always felt so guilty working out while Doug watched Annabelle, but honestly I need it for my sanity. When you’re a SAHM you can go a little bonkers if you are inside all day or constantly at the park. Carving out some alone time to work on myself will only make me more energized to play with the baby!
  • Grow our new business by launching multiple products. More on this in tomorrow’s post!:D
  • Make my Youtube channel a top priority. Between gearing up for a move and starting a new business, it’s been difficult to juggle it all. I’m going to try and find solutions to making more time for my channel by either hiring help once a week or waking up before Annabelle to work. No excuses this year, it must get done! I love creating content and adjusting to motherhood can take some time, so I’m going easy on myself, but I’m excited for making more videos and blog posts and improving on my editing skills along the way.

*This post is sponsored by Ever Pretty & Temptu, two brands I love and wear!

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  1. Joanna Alonso says:

    Your goals motivated me.. I hope that the new year will find you accomplishing each one! it’s amazing to see how much growth you’ve demonstrated in just one year..I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and your family (even if it’s just snipits of your life lol)

  2. Jordan Moats says:

    loving your goals!! Always good to have them to work towards to in the new year. Also love your dresses in this blog post!

  3. Paula Thomas says:

    I just love watching you on YouTube or reading your blog. That is my time. I don’t know why but watching/reading your post always relaxes me. So thank you for that! You are right time flies once you have children. Btw I also love the second dress but that might be my age lol love from England ???????

  4. Paula Thomas says:

    Haha and it’s 8pm here x

  5. Lerence says:

    Love both of the dresses! Can you show a video on how you apply the airbrush makeup? I’m intrigued! Happy New Year!!

  6. Emily says:

    Where are you moving? Can you tell us more?!

  7. holly says:

    Random tip, baby story time at the library (or toddler) is a great way to meet friendly new moms! (plus is FREE)

  8. Joelinelifevlogs says:

    Hey Hayley! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! I enjoyed reading your blog post about setting up some goals for 2018! You look stunning in those dresses! ? Please make a video on how you apply airbrush makeup. I can’t wait to hear more about your new business in tomorrow’s post. =)

  9. Ariana says:

    Hayley, you’re so photogeneic! Both of these dresses look amazing on you! I agree with Lerence; I’d also love to see a how to video using the airbrush foundation. Can’t wait to hear about all the new things you’ve been doing to grow your business. 🙂

  10. Betty says:

    Hi Hayley! Thank you for sharing this beautiful look – GORGEOUS! I just had to include you in my post about holiday/new years eve looks over at my blog ( www [dot] the beautyinfoprovider [dot] com ) Drop by soon? Happy new year!

  11. Madison says:

    You look so pretty in all your photos lately, like, more than normal which is already gorgeous! I love the off the shoulder dress on you. 🙂

  12. Alma says:

    Can you film a review for the airbrush foundation? I have the same skin type as you and I’ve followed your recommendations for the foundations you’ve used previously. I’d like to know more about the airbrush foundation.

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