I don’t know what it is about the winter season. Maybe its the fact that everyones skin turns pale and most of our body is covered up with layers so accessorizing is favored more, but everyone loves a good bold lip in the winter time. It’s treated as your best accessory. Paired with just about any outfit, the darker the color, the bolder a statement you make. There are a few tips and tricks to pulling off the vampy look because it can’t always be easily done.

No. 1: ALWAYS put on lipliner before hand….and fill in most all of your lips. You don’t want the unpleasant 90’s lip where after a meal, the lipstick fades and you’re left with a brown/red line around your lips. It also helps the lipstick actually stick to your lips better.
No 2: Take you finger and wipe off the excess color from the middle/inside of your lips. This will help prevent the dark color from sticking to your teeth when you don’t know it!
No 3: Blot.Blot.Blot. Find a piece of tissue or toilet paper and blot the extra product after each application. It stains the lips and allows each layer to become an adhesive for the next.
With these tips, you should be good to go! Don’t be afraid to slap on a bold lip for date night or a day of  shopping. It screams trendiness and can make any outfit go from average to glam in seconds!


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